Trillium of the Hemlocks

Trillium of the Hemlocks
A Deeply Rooted Coven

Mission Statement

A coven devoted to strengthening, empowering and enlightening of women witches through Magickal acts related to the goals of Deeply Rooted. We are a training coven who works with women who are at all stages of their magickal development. The most important part of magickal attunement is fostering a bridge between our subconscious desires and our conscious actions. This means getting to our ‘deep roots’ and discovering the kind of witchy woman we want to become. The group listens to these desires and works in conjunction with each other to make these goals happen. All acts of encouragement  and growth are magickal yet they are not limited to being performed in Circle ritual.

This includes discussing our observations of strengths and weaknesses, facilitating change in ourselves by overcoming ego, and supporting each other through the darkest of times as well as the lightest of experiences. Inside of the Magickal circle, we will be committed not only to our own development yet also the development of the Deeply Rooted Community. Where there is healing needed, we will lend assistance any way we are able to, when there is a project that needs completion, we will offer ourselves up to help in any way that is possible and where there is intolerance, we will do our best to illuminate others AND ourselves to the truth of the situation at hand. The Trillium of the Hemlocks incorporates the ancient mysteries of the hemlock grove with the  rebirth of the Trillium or Beth Root flower.

We provide a platform for all women to discover their true Magickal potential that extends outside of Deeply Rooted and bleeds into our own personal lives. The training we receive helps promote wellbeing in all aspects of life and we are the ones who write our own experiences in the story of life. We are dedicated to immersing ourselves our own personal growth so we can extend that benefit to all who we encounter.


These are our core values, they are ‘Eeh’:

  • Empowerment – We are our own heroes. There is no one coming to protect or defend us if we leave ourselves open to attack. That includes the attack we place on ourselves through guilt, misadventures and misconceptions of reality. If we want our world and experiences to change, we must change ourselves to become the best that we can possibly be. We never know our true limits until we put them to the test.
  • Enlightenment – When we get past our perception of ourselves and let go of the ego that we’ve created, we begin to understand how we fit into the universal matrix and how we can change that for ourselves. Ego work is painful and full of darkness, yet it is also rewarding and helps us build the kind of person we want to become.
  • Healing – We strive to heal ourselves, our Tribe and our land. We do whatever is required to make this happen. This involves looking into the mirror and studying what we see in that reflection. We endeavor to heal ourselves first to provide a good foundation for recovery, then we strive to heal our land and our Tribe. This means that we are always listening for opportunities to assist others and act as good stewards to the land. We are the Guardians of Deeply Rooted.

We work in the Shadows and in the Light

Trillium of the Hemlocks is a Coven that works from behind the scenes and out in the open. Working in the shadows requires that we are good listeners, observers, and self-starting individuals. Alternately, working in the light requires that we are good communicators, self-aware of our presence and that our projects have meaning and relevance throughout the community at large. We operate on a transparent structure and are open to hearing the causes of others within our Tribe.


Members of the coven are required to have access and experience with the following Magickal tools in order to fully participate in Coven undertakings. These materials can be provided if cost is an issue or they can be purchased by the individual if the funds are available.

  • Notebook – This notebook is used for Coven work only. It includes sections on introspection, shadow work and personal rituals for growth and healing. It also documents our Magickal work together so we can have a lineage to pass on to others. The notebook material is shared openly throughout our Coven.
  • Wand – A wand that is hewn from a tree within Deeply Rooted. It can be from any tree that the participant has a connection with and has responsibly harvested for themselves. The only requirements for the wand are as follows. The shape and size of of the wand as well as the individual construction is left completely up to the witch. The only requirements for the wand are as follows.
  • Amulet – This amulet signifies the participants role in the Coven and what qualities that individual would like to work through. The necklace will be constructed of a chip stone that relates to an individual’s needs and a charm that signifies their role within the unit.

Potential to grow, natural creativity, and the need for change. **Under Construction**