A Prayer to the Morrigan

Morrigan, Morrigan,Splendid queen, lady lovely,Badb, Macha, Numain,Holy Mother trinity,Burn the salt, bless the light,restore the Vision,mend My might,Shadows past along a lonely road,Memories come again,welcome to my abode,time removes the bandage unwound,fear, ill-will, ego away,and bring forth the Magick to abound,Witch’s kiss and drop of blood,I see the mirror,No longer covered in mud,Embrace the pastContinue reading “A Prayer to the Morrigan”

11/18/2021 Blessing of the Day

A Blessing of Protection This blessing comes to you not as an evil portent but as an affirmation that the Universe is behind you in your efforts. Sometimes when we’re on the path of success, challenges will come that are outside of our control. They will hunt us down and attempt to sabotage what we’reContinue reading “11/18/2021 Blessing of the Day”

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