New Moon Magick

By Shining Quill It is done, it is done, Let it Be! Let it Be! Anger, sadness, & misery! Communication & Sincerity is a must, I hail to the Universe to restore my trust! I call back the grief & sorrow! to restore sunshine back tomorrow! Tired memories of loss and pain, transformed & replacedContinue reading “New Moon Magick”

Crystal Castle Protection Spell

To perform this spell, you will need: 3 pieces of Carnelian Agate to represent the element of fire. Carnelian agate represents taking charge and self-motivation. It protects those who are leaders in their given profession. 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli to represent the element of water. Lapis Lazuli invokes wisdom so that the spell-caster canContinue reading “Crystal Castle Protection Spell”

The Magick of Gratitude

Today I’d like to focus on the subject of gratitude. Gratitude is the act of giving thanks for what we already have without necessarily seeking more in the process. This could be a challenging exercise  in society which pushes us to consume more via the blitz of advertising  and the unsustainable notion that our personalContinue reading “The Magick of Gratitude”

Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal

Did you know that Bipolar disorder is experienced by 2.8% of the population of US adults? According to the American Psychiatric Association, those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience intense mood swings.  During 2017, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The reality of my diagnoses from a medical professional hit me harder thanContinue reading “Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal”


“When you’re outnumbered by trees your perspective shifts.” ― Jessica Marie Baumgartner, Walk Your Path: A Magical Awakening Have you ever cast a spell? If so, what was it and what was the result? Do you believe in Karma or the Law of Three? Or is there another “balance keeping” system you subscribe to when you work?Continue reading “10 SPELL JOURNAL PROMPTS”

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