Ritual Sacrifice – Offering Yourself Up

So close to Mabon, it’s the time when the scythe meets the stalk of wheat in the field and cuts away at the earth. Sacrifice and death are all around us during this time and also the beauty of loss transmuting into life. Ritual sacrifice is a topic that I think is worth discussing andContinue reading “Ritual Sacrifice – Offering Yourself Up”

A Poem for Hekate

Through the cavern weaving and winding, So lost have they ever been, Such lost they have known, The dead cry out, their expedition is at it’s end. A familiar voice whispers in searching ears, Feast for those starving from ignorance. Knowledge for those who are seated at the table of enlightenment, is doled our inContinue reading “A Poem for Hekate”

Coffee with Ganesha: A Personal Meditation

This is a meditation that I wrote out for myself for when I am experiencing obstacles. It’s supposed to act as a template for others who are seeking meditation with a deity. Everyone’s experiences will be completely different. This serves as a guide to illustrate the value of the inward journey and what new thoughtContinue reading “Coffee with Ganesha: A Personal Meditation”

Running at the Sword – A war cry for those feeling down! RISE UP!

This post is about devotion. In Western culture, we might equate devotion to the loyalty one has for their country, a particular football team, a political idea or even the ties we have to family. All of those things have a place in our society yet that is not the kind of devotion I’m aboutContinue reading “Running at the Sword – A war cry for those feeling down! RISE UP!”

The Crop of Paganism – A Look Forward to Mabon

It’s getting close to Mabon, the second harvest, and to the next leg of sojourn in the spiral path. During this particular Sabbat, I am reaping the harvest and gathering the fruits of my labor. This isn’t just the harvest of The Wheel of the Year, it’s the harvest of an entire 19 years ofContinue reading “The Crop of Paganism – A Look Forward to Mabon”

Mommy, I’m Afraid of the Dark

Mommy, Mommy, I’m Afraid of the Dark, porcelain and rose are tear-stained and glistening in the fragile moonlight, her boundless eyes reflecting stars of childhood, Mommy, Mommy, please help me! The Goddess hears the pleading of her delicate voice, and is summoned to her trembling. What do you fear, my child? The Lady of theContinue reading “Mommy, I’m Afraid of the Dark”

We are the Divine Spark

Sitting in Catholic school as a young child was a fascinating experience for me. The world of Saints, the Virgin Mary, the sacrifice of the Christ, and sacred Trinity unfolded before me like a vast map. It might sound funny that someone who heavily entrenched in Paganism would fondly remember their enforced Catholic upbringing asContinue reading “We are the Divine Spark”

The Ten Noble Values of Deeply Rooted Clergy – Draft

The Ten Noble Values of Deeply Rooted Clergy – Draft (Not voted upon) Our Lay Clergy training program is designed to have the individual confront the self and find out the abilities one has collected over a lifetime. During this process, it can be confusing to understand our expectations of you. We encourage growth beyondContinue reading “The Ten Noble Values of Deeply Rooted Clergy – Draft”

Warrior Women’s Weekend 2018

A few months ago, during  a very enthusiastic Member’s Weekend at Deeply Rooted a group of intrepid women sat around a table and came up with a spectacular idea to celebrate the Sacred Feminine in a bright new way. True to the culture of our community, Deeply Rooted is always looking for the creative inputContinue reading “Warrior Women’s Weekend 2018”

The Lonely Sovereign

Hail the magnificence of the Night Queen, wandering down the spiral path, Ravens be ever at Your back, Watching the past become memory, and memory transform into feelings, Feelings that inspire change Lonely Sovereign, You walk alone in the moonlight, Yet You feel no sense of loss, O’ Morrigan, Great Queen, Enshrouded in the deepestContinue reading “The Lonely Sovereign”

Hail Ganesha! Hail Kali!

Hail Ganesha! Hail Kali! I’m coming up on some important anniversaries and I’d like to share them with you because they relate to Paganism and some of you may get something from the experiences. If so, keep reading, if not, that’s okay too 🙂 July 20th will be the 19th Anniversary of my father’s passingContinue reading “Hail Ganesha! Hail Kali!”

The Verdant Path – A Poem for OakBear

The Verdant Path By Shining Quill the Unicorn   The veil is thinning, my friend As I hold your hands to comfort you, I find myself longing to be held by something greater than myself. I realize that the moments that pass are precious and few, for this world is leaving you, and a newContinue reading “The Verdant Path – A Poem for OakBear”