Quill’s Curiosities @ Deeply-Rooted.Org

Just a small update for my viewers on this blog. I’ve taken to writing about Paganism over on Deeply Rooted’s website. This blog will remain online and will be used for non-Clergy related works. If you have questions about the Occult, would like a custom ritual written, or need to talk to a fellow PaganContinue reading “Quill’s Curiosities @ Deeply-Rooted.Org”

Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine with John Robinson

Shining Quill here! I have some exciting news to report, fellow Deeply Rooted fans! If you’re interested in learning about a time foreign to us and going beyond the school textbooks of our youth, then prepare for a spectacular new understanding of ancient Egyptian culture. Our very own Clergy aspirant, John Robinson, will take youContinue reading “Reclaiming the Sacred Feminine with John Robinson”

Ostara, please wake up!

Good morning, folks! I recently visited the lodge on Wednesday to take care of stuff. I wanted to give a little update on things at Deeply Rooted. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is proof of that sentiment. Our woodpile getting low deeply concerns me and I want toContinue reading “Ostara, please wake up!”

Presenting: Quill’s Curiosities!

Hello, Deeply Rooted! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Shining Quill (Kim Frank) and I’ve been a member of Deeply Rooted since about 2012. I have the honor of being an ordained member of the community’s Clergy team and also have been practicing Witchcraft for about twenty years or so.Continue reading “Presenting: Quill’s Curiosities!”

Habitat for Divinity – A Tribute to Lord Pan

As usual, I was in my house cleaning when I heard the most grisly sound I’ve heard in a long while. Poking my head out my kitchen window, I saw two large Komatsu cranes grabbing handfuls of precious trees as if they were toothpicks. My neighbor’s acreage which forms an L-shape and essentially “hugs” myContinue reading “Habitat for Divinity – A Tribute to Lord Pan”

Which Witch Wars? – Balancing the Scales of Justice

It’s October. You’ve probably gone to the store, seen some stickers depicting green-skinned hags with spooky cat companions or maybe there’s an animatronic crone laughing at you wickedly while you wait in line at your local Walmart. Witches. This is how commercial society sees us. And while as Pagans we can tell our children thatContinue reading “Which Witch Wars? – Balancing the Scales of Justice”

Pagan Friendships – A Look Inside

I can barely remember the circumstances of the day as I travel through the web of my mind. When you’ve gone through a lot of trauma and have physical brain damage, it’s hard to piece things together. The testament of our friendship, between my best friend and I, isn’t that I remember how I gotContinue reading “Pagan Friendships – A Look Inside”

The Book of Wrong and Write

Somewhere there is a tome for you to see, huddled in the Shadows of who I claim to be, It’s a little black book written in ink, Inside the pages, you won’t find glitter and pink, It’s the Book of Wrong and Write, Some in the darkness are blinded by it’s light, Conversations with theContinue reading “The Book of Wrong and Write”

Us versus Them, the beginning

To my fellow Pagans. Priestess! Priests! Solitaries! Those who channel the Divine ones! Hear me out. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the possibility of something else. The beautiful thing about loss is that it makes you appreciate the moment of having. At Samhain, I honor the lost and I cherish the living. WhetherContinue reading “Us versus Them, the beginning”

The Psychic Prison – Breaking Out!

As Pagans, we have a responsibility to ourselves that we might not know about yet. There’s no handbook, no bible, or even much of a history to guide us into the adventure that Modern Paganism has afforded us. I’ve walked around a good number of Pagan events in the last year and I see suchContinue reading “The Psychic Prison – Breaking Out!”

The Birth of Something – A Rite of Passage Story

This blog has been more than a place to vent or a way to look back on my progress. As I’ve submitted post after post, I come a little closer to accepting myself and finding out more about my destiny. I’m a writer, Witch, a Magickal practitioner, a devotee of Kali, and now I’m aContinue reading “The Birth of Something – A Rite of Passage Story”