Whisker and Hoof – A Modern Connection Ritual to Spirit Animals

A Vision of the Beyond Overlooking the glacial lake beyond my gaze is the towering masses of sheer granite an quartzite mountains, the waves of said lake are whirling and fawning at the richness of the liquid gold afternoon. The glittering auspicious orb in the sky leaves a luminescent trail on my neck and dancesContinue reading “Whisker and Hoof – A Modern Connection Ritual to Spirit Animals”

Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)

Deeply Rooted Sun Cauldron Passion Rite Welcome to Deeply Rooted’s 2017 Litha! Litha in History: (Wade Leads) About this Ritual: In this ritual we are drawing down the fiery energies of the masculine Sun into the waiting womb of the feminine Cauldron propagate passion. A customary action to honor the MidSummer balefires of our ancestors.Continue reading “Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)”

Working with the Elements Series – Air

About this Series Initially I came up with the idea for this series because I want my blog to be a resource for anyone interested in Paganism regardless of their skill level. Alternately, it’s a resource for those just researching concepts in Paganism for school reports or their own personal interest. It’s just as importantContinue reading “Working with the Elements Series – Air”

Shiva Lingams

Above photograph by Bob Richmond I am beyond thought and beyond form I am in all things, everywhere, in all senses I am impartial to all, neither attached nor detached The embodiment of blissful consciousness, I am Shiva! I am Shiva! I am Shiva! Sri Adishankaracharya (700 – 750 AD) What is a Shiva Lingam? A ShivaContinue reading “Shiva Lingams”

Novena Candle Magick

Novenas have always had a special place in my life. My grandmother, a devout Catholic but having derived from a magickal family in Sicily was particularly fond of them for use in prayer. Often, during a summer night, you could see the Novenas lined up on my Grandmother’s makeshift altar by a window. She wouldContinue reading “Novena Candle Magick”