If you submit to the ocean, you drown. If you try to control the ocean, then you’re deluded. You learn how to live with the ocean. You learn how to float, to swim, to be a part of it, to be with it. That is the nature of the Pagan’s relationship with nature. Emma RestallContinue reading “Progress”

Gratitude for the Day

This post isn’t meant to be one of my “great works” or anything profound. Today, I’m proud of myself for waking up and writing. I’m having one of my low brain chemical swings due to my bipolar disorder and also my monthly cycle. It appears that when this time of the month occurs, all ofContinue reading “Gratitude for the Day”

Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?

Disclaimer: This article talks about the gratitude we can give the Gods. It focuses on using our own personal power (will) to project energy to those we work within our spiritual practices. If you don’t have a connection to or work with any deities, you could also apply this to ancestors, guardians, or any spiritContinue reading “Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?”


I’m really proud of myself & I want to journal about it. I haven’t gotten much time to write in my blog this summer with the children home. I’ve missed the connection from my mind to my hands as they dance along the keyboard. This isn’t so much as a lesson as a declaration ofContinue reading “Transformation?”

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