New Moon Magick

By Shining Quill It is done, it is done, Let it Be! Let it Be! Anger, sadness, & misery! Communication & Sincerity is a must, I hail to the Universe to restore my trust! I call back the grief & sorrow! to restore sunshine back tomorrow! Tired memories of loss and pain, transformed & replacedContinue reading “New Moon Magick”

11/19/2021 Blessing of the Day

A Blessing on the Children During this full moon period, this is a wonderful card to receive. The blessing here illustrates the Goddess (Diana, Selene, etc) holding a unicorn foal. The unicorn represents new found self-empowerment expressed through hard work, wishes, and Magick carried out with very specific intentions. This card reminds us to takeContinue reading “11/19/2021 Blessing of the Day”

From Aesthetic to Adept: A Psychological Journey through Witchcraft

It’s been over twenty-two years since I dedicated my life to Witchcraft. I remember when  I was a teenager, I enjoyed the idea of being a witch. The dark clothes, the visually appealing spell work, and the mystery of it all intrigued me on every level. I knew Christianity was not my path at aContinue reading “From Aesthetic to Adept: A Psychological Journey through Witchcraft”

The Goddess Hekate – On the Lookout

The Greek Goddess Hekate seems to be coming up everywhere for me. I attribute the fact that I’m noticing her more lately to a certain coming of age. I’m at the point in my life when maidenhood is only a memory now and I am into the thick of motherhood. As I grow older, I’mContinue reading “The Goddess Hekate – On the Lookout”

9 Gods of Manifestation – Opening the Doors to Success Magick

My main focus when it comes to writing and practicing Magick is manifesting my visions into reality, so I was recently searching for Pagan topics to write about for my blog.The question of which deities are associated with manifestation (aka “getting it done!”) However, a simple Google search brought up only Yahweh being manifested intoContinue reading “9 Gods of Manifestation – Opening the Doors to Success Magick”

The Magick of Gratitude

Today I’d like to focus on the subject of gratitude. Gratitude is the act of giving thanks for what we already have without necessarily seeking more in the process. This could be a challenging exercise  in society which pushes us to consume more via the blitz of advertising  and the unsustainable notion that our personalContinue reading “The Magick of Gratitude”

Are You Afraid of the Dark? Getting over the Fear of Witchcraft

Fear is one of those human mechanisms which presents as a double-edged sword. A healthy dose of fear, in this instance, the experiencing of falling can be a survival mechanism which promotes the use of safety devices on a treacherous job site. To its credit, the instinct of fear has kept the human race aliveContinue reading “Are You Afraid of the Dark? Getting over the Fear of Witchcraft”

Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?

Disclaimer: This article talks about the gratitude we can give the Gods. It focuses on using our own personal power (will) to project energy to those we work within our spiritual practices. If you don’t have a connection to or work with any deities, you could also apply this to ancestors, guardians, or any spiritContinue reading “Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?”

Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal

Did you know that Bipolar disorder is experienced by 2.8% of the population of US adults? According to the American Psychiatric Association, those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience intense mood swings.  During 2017, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The reality of my diagnoses from a medical professional hit me harder thanContinue reading “Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal”

Working with the Dead Series 2: How to Invoke the Dead & Spirit Contracts

Before we begin, I humbly ask the reader to first look over my guide on proper graveyard etiquette found here. Working with ancestors and other entities is serious business. I would like to offer a bit of a disclaimer before we begin. I try to avoid speaking in absolutes, however I absolutely urge you toContinue reading “Working with the Dead Series 2: How to Invoke the Dead & Spirit Contracts”

How to Manifest New Energy in Your Life

The days are growing longer and colder. The color of summer is fading to the doldrums of winter. Let’s take advantage of the liminal time of Samhain to manifest something new and exciting in our lives! Are you stuck? I think many of us sometimes linger in a place of energetic  limbo.  As Pagans, Witches,Continue reading “How to Manifest New Energy in Your Life”

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