Syncretism in the Pagan Pantheon

The definition of syncretism as it relates to this article has been taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: :  the combination of different forms of belief or practice I remember the moment that Paganism crept into my life as a little four year-old girl as clear as it was yesterday. My aunt, who wasn’t even remotelyContinue reading “Syncretism in the Pagan Pantheon”

Recapturing the Pagan Will

An interesting thought occurred to me the other night as I was discussing with friends how I call the elemental quarters. I realized something very profound in my musings. My math is very, very wrong. I’m not calling elemental quarters. I’m actually calling fifths. I’ve been doing it so long, actually, that it’s hard-wired intoContinue reading “Recapturing the Pagan Will”

Working with the Elements Series – Air

About this Series Initially I came up with the idea for this series because I want my blog to be a resource for anyone interested in Paganism regardless of their skill level. Alternately, it’s a resource for those just researching concepts in Paganism for school reports or their own personal interest. It’s just as importantContinue reading “Working with the Elements Series – Air”

Pan, Yemaya, Durga and the Dharmic Chakra

Let me first honor the deities that brought me my wildest dreams last night. I want to say that I am truly thankful for the blessing of being able to channel these visions and dreams as they are in my mind’s eye. Double-blessed because I am able to write about it here. Just the highlights becauseContinue reading “Pan, Yemaya, Durga and the Dharmic Chakra”

Challenge 96: Redeem one of your misdeeds.

Originally posted on The Challenge:
We’ve all made mistakes.  Don’t deny it; you’ve screwed up.  And you didn’t just err at some vague moment in the past; you’ve done something wrong, recently enough to remember.  If you think otherwise, you’re deluded, in denial, or lying… and those are all misdeeds, too.  We can find a thousand…