Crystal Castle Protection Spell

To perform this spell, you will need: 3 pieces of Carnelian Agate to represent the element of fire. Carnelian agate represents taking charge and self-motivation. It protects those who are leaders in their given profession. 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli to represent the element of water. Lapis Lazuli invokes wisdom so that the spell-caster canContinue reading “Crystal Castle Protection Spell”

11/12/2020 Tarot of the Day

Greetings, folks! Today is November 12, 2021! We’ve got something special cooking!  Cards pulled JudgementThe Empress  Message When we think of the word judgement, it might carry a negative connotation. Many times when folks say, “I’m not judging,” they actually are judging the situation. Judgement doesn’t have to be against you or correlate to theContinue reading “11/12/2020 Tarot of the Day”

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