Tarot of the Day 12/02/2021

Greetings, folks! Today is December 02, 2021!   This is Quill and I have a very inspiring reading from the Universe today. Let’s see what’s in store for us, shall we? Cards pulled Six of Cups (Light Seers deck) Page of Swords Message When the Six of Cups comes into the playing field, it meansContinue reading “Tarot of the Day 12/02/2021”

11/19/2021 Blessing of the Day

A Blessing on the Children During this full moon period, this is a wonderful card to receive. The blessing here illustrates the Goddess (Diana, Selene, etc) holding a unicorn foal. The unicorn represents new found self-empowerment expressed through hard work, wishes, and Magick carried out with very specific intentions. This card reminds us to takeContinue reading “11/19/2021 Blessing of the Day”

11/19/2021 Tarot of the Day

Greetings, folks! Today is November 19, 2021!  A day after the full moon and there are some stunning results from the energies in the universe. Cards pulled Nine of Cups The Hierophant Message The Nine of Cups is “the cup runneth over” in the tarot. When we see this card we are invited to enjoyContinue reading “11/19/2021 Tarot of the Day”

Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?

Disclaimer: This article talks about the gratitude we can give the Gods. It focuses on using our own personal power (will) to project energy to those we work within our spiritual practices. If you don’t have a connection to or work with any deities, you could also apply this to ancestors, guardians, or any spiritContinue reading “Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?”

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