My name is Shining Quill. I have been practicing witchcraft and tarot readings for over 23 years. In my former occupation, I was an ordained minister for a Pagan church.

I genuinely felt after 11 years of involvement with the church, I had grown as a person.

Curious Curio Conjurations is a reflection of my passions and the lessons I learned on my journey of personal evolution.

It’s my honor to serve Taylor County Wisconsin & my online community. Thank you for your continued patronage!


Tarot Readings $35

Are you seeking assistance in identifying your path in life? Tarot card readings are designed to give new perspective and answers to questions we’re seeking. A standard reading is 35 minutes long, and includes unlimited questions.

Custom readings may be scheduled to suit your personal needs. Please schedule a consultation to get started or visit us.

Spellwork & Rituals

Do you want to learn how to do the following spiritual rites for yourself?

  • House Blessings & Cleansings
  • Personal Success
  • Protection
  • Ancestral Veneration
  • Generational Curse Breaking
  • Deity / Guide Connection

If you’re interested in learning how to do witchcraft for yourself, I can teach you how! Price will reflect mileage, time, and whatever materials are used. A free consultation with me leaves you under no obligation to buy any particular service.

Please feel free to contact me to find the right solution for your specific needs.

I do not teach hexxing (cursing) or non-consensual witchcraft.


All offered services require no prior knowledge of witchcraft. You are encouraged to ask questions during our sessions.

Tarot reading & Witchcraft are only one way to help achieve an understanding of life. I am happy to assist folks of any spiritual background without judgement. Atheist and path seekers are welcome! I support what works for you.

Book a free consultation today.