Poems are like rituals in miniature for myself and the people who take time to read them.They are a progression of thought and intent that extends from deep within my being to form webs of interconnection from the spiritual world into the physical realm. Each of my poems expresses my mental state, recognizes my suffering or victory, and expresses through words and feelings where I would like to be or what I need to recognize within myself. They can also be a delivery method used to verbalize my devotion to a deity or elemental. Poems are a huge and intricate part of my spiritual practice because they transcend the need to be formal and allow for a free-form of thought energy to manifest.

Contrary to popular belief, poems do not have to rhyme. They are a raw state of emotion that comes out and doesn’t have the need to be tweaked and prepped to make it appealing for others. All writing is an outlet and extension of the soul so in the process of writing poems, I often allow myself full freedom to dictate to myself and the universe what I am thinking or feeling about a particular situation. Often times, my poems become the rudimentary outline for rituals and other articles that I post on this site.

If you need an outlet, look no further than personal poems. In your mind’s eye, try to envision all that you are feeling about a particular situation. Then, without any pretense, write down what you see in your mind’s eye. Maybe a divorce appears as a chopping block and represents a new stage in life. It’s possible that the writer feels just the opposite and that the divorce is more of an ending than a new beginning. You don’t have to express “pretty” thoughts to entertain people just be yourself and let the words and imagery come. The most impactful and powerful words come from damaged souls who are lashing out through literary expressions rather than self harm. It’s much more healthy to communicate what you need in written format than it is to damage yourself or others in the process.

Thanks for reading my poems. I post these small rituals to help my readers get a better understanding of the frustration, pain, realizations, devotion, and victories that I encounter on a daily basis. If you have any questions about my poems, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Be Deeply Rooted!
The Pill
Who Guards the Gods
Abyssal Shelf
A Prayer to Thunor
The Windowless Machine
The Memory of the Ocean
Chaos Unwinding
Let the Goddess Spin
The Raven and the Wolf
What I love about the Shaman’s Drums
When Speaking to the Gods
It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
The Verdant Path
The Lonely Sovereign
Mommy, I’m Afraid of the Dark
Human Sacrifice


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