The Chart Wheel In Astrology

The Chart Wheel depicts a map of the region of space that was around us at the moment of our birth. The wheel is broken up into 12 pieces that are referred to as Houses. The positions of the planets in the skies are represented on the chart wheel by houses that correspond to the locations of the planets in the sky at the time of birth.

The Ascendant And Midheaven In Your Birth Chart

In a birth chart, the point at which the Ascendant is located is also called the rising sign. The beginning of the first house on a chart is located at this place. When projecting a personality profile, astrologers often place more emphasis on the qualities of the first House, also known as the Ascendant. This is in contrast to the normal horoscope analysis that is published in newspapers, in which the personality of a person is based on the Sun Sign (the sign in which the sun is located).

Qualities Of Astrology

The twelve astrological signs that make up the Zodiac can be categorized according to one of three qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Astrologers are able to create a comprehensive profile of a subject’s personality by analyzing how the many planets in a person’s sign interact with one another, as well as the three characteristics and the components that comprise each sign.

Aspects In Modern Astrology

Aspects play an essential role in the practice of contemporary astrology. Planets travel in elongated orbits around the Sun, and while they do so, they develop a variety of angular interactions with one another, with the Sun (or Earth) serving as the center of these relationships. These components are known as Aspects.

Common Myths About Astrology

Someone who is not familiar with astrology could find it difficult to understand. People are able to get horoscopes through a great number of publications that can be found on the internet; however, these articles might not go into depth regarding how the information is computed. Some of the fallacies that have been perpetuated about astrology have been debunked in this article.

Aromatherapy: New Age Fad Or Ancient Wisdom

Aromatherapy is not only a passing trend. There are several tales from different parts of the world’s history that make historical mentions of this behavior. Numerous studies have demonstrated that aromatherapy may be used effectively as a method of both self-care and overall healing. Aromatherapy is not meant to take the place of conventional medical science; instead, it can be used to augment the advice of a medically qualified practitioner.