Vulnerable and in Hiding Plain Sight

I am vulnerable and I’m at peace with the idea that I’m not always in control of every situation. There have been many terrible things that have occurred in my life in the form of physical, mental, sexual, intellectual and yes, even spiritual abuse. For a time, I hid in plain sight of abusers and friends alike. I do not have walls because I found that the walls I would put up would limit my creativity. I do not worry about being hurt because I know and accept that pain will come just as the laughter and good times ebb and flow in mine life. Pain is very much what we make it be for ourselves. At the source, the core and truth of it, pain hurts. Pain is pain for a reason. You can doll it up with words but the essence of pain is hurt and that does not change because human beings work their ego magick upon it.

Pain shreds at our energy being like a serrated steak knife. If you become nothing but pain and wall up the pain inside, the serrated blade cuts things so harshly that it can leave giant gaps in our outward disposition. This causes misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication. We only need to say what hurts us and what we’re willing to do to transmute that pain we’re experiencing. The walls we’ve put up to keep the pain in or out act as an electrical fence, disrupting portions of our daily lives and eventually isolate us to the point of madness. We do need other people as much as we need water or sunlight but when the emotional ties to people become so deeply rooted in our past that we can no longer see what is in the present or future course, they become twisted and corrupted. How can we change this? Understanding of how we interact with pain sheds light on parts of our personality that we’ve left in the closet.

I deal with pain by consuming it and changing my reaction. Yes, I feel the intenseness of the burning sensation in my mouth but I chose to focus on the joy it brings me when I have bested yet another hybridized pepper sauce. I have always liked the hot sauce. I have joked with others that there has never been a hot sauce made to beat me and that if there was, I’d still down it with a grin albeit shaking with the intensity of a thousand suns burning my soul. I handle pain by taking it in and letting go the hurt, tears, and snot that it conjures and see my friends make a face of wonder and terror. It brings me joy to know that I can walk through that fire and come out stronger for it. I trust myself. Sometimes I realize that there might not be a hot sauce that can best me but there can be situations that have bested me.

Losing key people in my life or the addition of darker energy paths have definitely left their mark upon my psyche and my public disposition. Sometimes it manifests in the form of studdering, other times I can be like a wild horse who is being penned, bucking and biting at anything that I perceive as a threat. Horse magick, energy/ medicine are very much a core part of my character. Study a stubborn horse and understand what it is to be in the world of Kim Frank. There are darker times still when I run like a freight train away from a situation because I feel that there is nothing good I can contribute and that my own madness bursting through will only serve to hinder the situation. It’s not a bad thing, actually…

Knowing the limits of one’s strength is fine and dandy, the vulnerability and our peace with the idea that we can not control every force are what truly makes us strong. Sometimes it’s our decisions to step back and take a break or do something healing for ourselves that is not reliant on the support of other people. Bringing others down when you’re down is only serving to confuse and frighten already hurt people who are trying to understand the situation – not attack you. A horse that will not jump over water can not be beaten into jumping.

A steady handler who whispers reassuring words to the horse helps the horse understand that what it perceives as an unconquerable chasm of death is only a tiny stream that is physically effortless for the horse to vault through. Sometimes a horse can’t be reached that way but a trainer doesn’t give up. They continue to lead the animal through perfectly natural situations until the horse makes the connection that all they need to do is what they can already do –  with much more practice! You’re good at writing? GOOD, KEEP WRITING. You’re good at taking pictures of rust? Good…er, keep doing that – I guess – find a way to connect people with rust and show them a side of spirituality that they could never imagine. 

It’s about reinventing yourself into who you already are and stop hating or being angry with yourself for the things that make you vulnerable. My crux has always been in the emotional situations I involve myself in with people I consider my family or tribe. When my family is not right, I burst into action. It’s not an inherently bad idea but when you add pain to the mixture, the pain makes me feel inadequate and I end up running away. Now that I have recognized that by admitting the emotional vulnerability I experience, I can now see that sometimes my actions alone aren’t enough to change a complex situation. Yes, I still need to act but I need to find people and supports who can help the main idea. Running away only manifests the pain deeper, isolates and makes me the very worst version of myself – NON-CREATIVE.

Because I do not fear to be vulnerable I can readily identify that my worst fear and challenge to overcome is the feeling of being inadequate. Now I will be inadequate for the needs of others but for those that recognize who I am and what I am trying to do, I’m more than enough. More importantly, I’m more than enough for myself. I was created by my Mother, Kali Ma, to be a student of the creative and destructive extremes of natural and unnatural forces. Instead of hating myself or isolating based on that realization, I have been studying in the direction of Clergy. My emotional ties are to the land, the Gods and the spirit world. I realize that humans in the physical world can not meet all of my demands. My demands are almost wholly spiritual. I live to build shrines, altars, have dreams, draw deities and most importantly, talk about my spirit family – the legend and lore of the Pagan Gods.

Is this received well by others? Well, most people really like my approach but not everyone sees the value in allowing yourself to show vulnerability. Honestly, I’m to the point that I realize that some people will come along because they make the time to understand my viewpoint but others actively work against themselves and show no such self-discipline in their path, yet. Those people I can not reach but I don’t have to reach them. They are not my power center nor my foundation. My foundation is in my loyalty and devotion to my Gods and to my faith. It has always been about family and while I have been blessed with five of the most beautiful daughters the Goddess has ever imagined, I am all about the Gods and my relationship to Them. The best thing I can give the people I can’t reach is for them to see how I handle, by example, being vulnerable and hurt and how I flourish in the midst of my limitations – not crippled by them.

I hide in plain sight with a warm smile and enthusiasm for life. I will not feel sorry for being that way nor will I change that approach until I hear a better one. I am all ears and eyes to the teachers that have cropped up in my life in the most unlikely of places. I am thankful to the Gods, spirits and other entities in my life who have brought me to this place. Thank you again, Universe, for this peace and contentment. And now I’ve given that gift back to the Universe by reaching out to anyone willing to hear and moving forward in both pain and pleasure. Namaste.

When My Mom Couldn’t Be the Mom I needed, She Brought Me to Kali Ma

All of us have some kind of interpersonal issues regarding people we call “family.” The kind of abuse we will put up with from a family member would probably never be done to us by anyone else. Why is that? Why do we feel the need to please people who either gave birth to us or had some part in our growing up? If you have a healthy relationship with a parent or family member, one that enriches both of your lives, then that’s a very special blessing indeed. This is not an article about that kind of reciprocal relationship. Not all of us have such a precious connection and as I get older and I’m faced with my own five little girls who are watching me constantly, it makes me think.

My mom and I were always at each other’s throats in some way, shape or form. Her and my father should never have been married or chose to have children because neither one of them really wanted to be spouses or parents. It’s a hard pill to swallow to think back to an entire childhood full of sexual, mental and physical abuse but it’s real and true and painting another picture there only serves to destroy the work I’ve done about confronting my past. Now that isn’t to say that a realistic perspective on things is a wholly negative situation. Realism is a balance of positive and negative with the extremes put aside in favor of the pursuit of knowledge. Here’s what I know.

My mom was a person of intense emotional extremes, belief in the divine, an accomplished belly-dancer and a taste for different cultural experiences that sometimes dwarfed my own adventurous spirit. My earliest good memories of my mother involve her enjoyment and passion for middle-eastern style belly-dancing. I would sit, transfixed for hours and watch my mom perform all sorts of exciting moves. Our old console record player was loaded with Arabic, Indian and ancient-folk music that my mom would move to so expertly, it was like watching water dance before my eyes. As I grew older, my own passion for dancing came in the form of Siesta Key Beach, Florida Drum Circles where I emulated many of the moves she taught me.

My mom was also very much a reader. She would often talk to me about all sorts of different spiritual paths that she was reading about and how different history books painted those tales. I first heard about Hinduism and Her Gods – the Pantheon from which I most identify with – from my mother. It’s possible at some point during my early years, I heard about the one Goddess who changed me at the fundamental level – The Goddess Kali Ma.

I’ve written a few things in this blog about Kali but there is one thing I have never stated before until now. Kali is my mother. I have tried DESPERATELY to supplant other women in the role that my birth mother told me she “never wanted” and failed to repeat the same mistakes in misery. After I was done having those expectations of anyone else except myself, I became even closer to Kali and serve and recognize Her as my only Mother.

When my mother had her ischemic stroke about four years ago, she never recovered to be the person I knew as my birth mother. Her personality, understandably, had changed irrevocably and all of my chances to ask questions died that very day. Questions that could have very well saved me from a lot of heartaches had I only listened to the answers and accepted them as truth when I was a teenager. She recently drove off to Texas with her very loving boyfriend. A chapter was closing in my life…or was it? It was then that Kali helped me make a valuable and positive connection.

When my mom could not be the mom I needed, wanted or could even live near – she gave me Kali. It was many years ago, just before my dad turned quite sick and died when my mother came home with a bronze statue of Lord Shiva. She plopped it on my computer desk and with a “clink” on my desk I looked up from writing. I stared at the statue for some time and looked at my mom. She told me, “this is Shiva,” and walked away. It was later on during my studies of Hinduism that I discovered that the Goddess Kali danced upon Her husband’s chest, whereever Shiva laid down, His Shakti would be along the path. It was the dance of death and rebirth as I later learned for myself.

My birth mother danced as rhythmically as the eternal Mother of Time, Kala. She often told me to be independent of other people, to lay my emotions aside and to not put so much blind trust in others. My mom was every bit a Pagan in her words but unfortunately, I believe her experience came from her own failings. Memories she never told me about but in their place, the lore of Pagan cultures. This is the greatest gift you can ever give a child – to prepare them for what the world really is, not what they think it is in front of their eyes. My birth mother made many mistakes and they are long beyond fixing but she did one thing right.  The Goddess whose destructive extremes have been Her victory and failing and whose lessons strip away the impurities of ego and expose the raw, pink flesh beneath where truth exists. It’s as painful as it gets but when Shiva laid down beside my computer screen where I was surrounded in a world of ignorant bliss, it was then Kali would find Shiva and dance would now involve me.When she couldn’t be the mother I needed, she gave me Kali.

Whisker and Hoof – A Modern Connection Ritual to Spirit Animals

A Vision of the Beyond

Where My Soul Dwells

Overlooking the glacial lake beyond my gaze is the towering masses of sheer granite an quartzite mountains, the waves of said lake are whirling and fawning at the richness of the liquid gold afternoon. The glittering auspicious orb in the sky leaves a luminescent trail on my neck and dances along the entirety of my spine with a gentle reminder of comforting heat. Leaves in every hue of fire rain down from the sky and across the landscape as if King Midas had been there to cast out his plush bounty of coins upon the earth. The brisk wind of impending autumn whips through my mane, mildly impeding my field of vision as I gallop towards my ancestral herd. exchanging quiet embraces and knowing looks, a feeling of contentment, purpose, and belonging overtakes my senses. A scene just like this one is carried out in my mind every time I wish to connect to my inner spirit animals.

Do you need an animal guide to identify as a functional Pagan?

No, most certainly not! This article is for those who wish to explore and find out if this facet of spirituality is right for them. Confusingly, the “brand” of Modern Paganism includes the spiritual practices of many ancient cultures which are sometimes taken out of context or glazed over to

Not everyone has a guide, but the adventure is in learning as much about who you aren’t as who you are

the point of losing their inner meaning. Native American Shamanism has been working its way into the mainstream world and provides a new outlook on how we understand the many levels of our personalities. To be perceived as a “functional” Pagan does not mean that you must be the master of every spiritual practice instantly and that you must relate with all tenants of the distinct paths. This is just one way to challenge yourself personally and learn something of the long-forgotten secrets which are sitting out in nature, free to us.

Long regarded as a sacred symbol and connection to the land, spirit animals have been a part of many cultures throughout the landscape of human culture. There’s much that’s been done and said on the subject regarding the Native American view of these powerful totems but this is a more modern approach to finding, connecting and establishing a working relationship with your spirit animal.  It’s quite possible that not everyone has a guide at all and certainly not a necessary path to take when identifying as a Modern Pagan. Can you have more than one spirit animal? Yes of course! I have 6 main animals I work with regularly. If you do feel a connection or pull to certain animals or you wish to find out if you have a guide, keep reading, I may have just the right combination of Magick to help you find whisker, hoof, paw, feather, fin or antennae.

Know the Signs, Rites of Passage, and Expressing Yourself

Some of my earliest memories of childhood are enjoying the feeling being in the saddle of a horse. Before my back-injury occurred, there was no greater joy than feeling the speed associated with bringing a horse to a full gallop and winding through the paths of the fields. I collected My Little Ponies, drew every imaginable version of cartoon horse that one could possibly imagine and in my teenage years when I discovered the Furry and Otherkin Community, I explored many avenues of what it meant to be a horse by their definition. Now that I’m an adult and able to see connections to my spirituality through channeling that horse personality, I want to help others identify what benefits soothing the inner beast can have on our mundane lives.

The Rites of Passage are few and far between in our modern society. Gone are the Vision

Body Modification is one expression of the rites of passage

quests, fastings and powerful displays of faith. There are of course exceptions in the form of extremist religious or smaller acts such as getting your ear pierced. Body modification in the form of piercings, tattoos, and scarification is one expression of how we on the inside see our bodies and extend our spirits through to our outside world. What about modifying the personality to even further express your unique beliefs? That’s where animal guides can help us!

How to Use Your Animal Guide to Your Benefit

You can go to half a dozen wonderful websites to find the attributes of almost every imaginable animal. I’ll list a few down below. Find an animal you’ve either been drawn to your entire life or one that you need to channel a certain trait from to attain your end goal. You don’t need a Shaman, an online quiz or to pay a ton of money to tell yourself what you already know as long as you’re honest. Think about what you need in life or what animal you have been consistently drawn to because of its beauty or another trait you admire. The very worst thing that can happen is that you perform this ritual with an understanding of who you AREN’T so you have a roadmap to discover WHO YOU AREthat’s the adventure of active spirituality! 

Pros, Cons, and the How to Connect

Every spirit animal has a pro and con to their personality just as does the channeler. Being aware, for example, that the horse guide is very good at putting the blinders on and charging at a project full force is wonderful for getting a single goal done. The horse can have issues

Connecting to Your Guide is all about connecting to Your Self.

excelling at multitasking and become scared easily and run for the hills. That’s often been a reoccurring theme in my life, so instead of becoming depressed over it, I learned to tame that mare by having a better understanding of the behaviors involved. Making a list of your own personality traits, pros and cons and the like can not only help connect you to your spirit animal but give you a better understanding of the self-portrait one tries to paint when they are spiritual beings.

Now you want to connect with that chosen animals and you aren’t sure how? Well, we know that our ancestors didn’t have cell phones, the internet, video games or even books for quite some time. What they did do with their time was WATCH, WATCH, WATCH. They watched each other’s social behaviors and became a stronger tribe, they watched the animals to learn their habits, feeding patterns and secrets and they watched the sky to create the monolithic temples that still stand today. If you can’t watch your spirit animal in the wild, then use the internet for your benefit. There are tons of documentaries, animal music videos, and pictures of every imaginable animal. See if you can obtain a piece of the animal such as a claw, tooth, or some hair. Carry it on your person. TOUCH IT and learn the patterns in the whirls of fur or the sleekness of the fang. If you can’t have a piece of the animal, build a small shrine to that animal and include pictures, symbols, statues, and toys.

On to the ritual!

Now the fun part about this is that the ritual isn’t hard as long as you know what your main priorities are beforehand. For me, I value adaptability and adventure which is another sign the horse and I are bonded spiritually. My ritual isn’t complex or drawn-out although, for the channeler, it could be if you feel the need. When I encounter an issue, I clearly envision my chestnut mare with the white blaze on her nose and four white stockings ( the proper term for marking, not actual stockings.) in my mind’s eye. I think of the challenge before me as a hurdle and jump over it. When I need to carry a heavy load, I’m a draft horse pulling along the problems in a cart as if they weighed nothing, when I need to change my way of thinking, I am the barrel racing pony, diving in and out between different ideas to find a new path. I listen to drumming or thunder, anything to remind myself of the hooves I have in the spirit world and as I am envisioning my mare in her many forms,

The Horse is the Ultimate Expression of the Lust for Life and Adaptability

I think of the challenge before me as a hurdle and jump over it. When I need to carry a heavy load, I’m a draft horse pulling along the problems in a cart as if they weighed nothing, when I need to change my way of thinking, I am the barrel racing pony, diving in and out between different ideas to find a new path. When I’ve exhausted all other physical avenues, my mare transcends and evolves into the Unicorn to perform magick and healing. I listen to drumming or thunder, anything to remind myself of the hooves I have in the spirit world.  I envision my mare in her many forms, overcoming her obstacles, enjoying the work as I think of the physical world problem and how it relates. I get some rest. Often, that’s enough. It’s different for everyone.

Thanks for reading along with this article. It gave me a feeling of contentment to write and share it with you. If you need any help in this field, and I am able, you can shoot me a PM on Face Book or write a comment here. Also, you can privately e-mail me at Have a Blessed Day!

Help Find Your Spirit Animal

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Divine Mistakes – The Ups and Downs of Pagan Gods

During a chat with a close friend, I found myself pointing out that Pagan Gods are famous for making mistakes. It’s always been one of the most attractive points about Paganism to have deities that are not only powerful but also relatable. Unlike in Christian mythos, Pagan tales are filled with lover’s quarrels, thievery, murder and a slew of other misdeeds that all teach the reader some very important lessons not only about the Gods but about themselves. Mainstream Christianity will adhere that their God and the conduit to that higher power, Jesus Christ are without sin or flaw but even reading in between the lines of the bible, people can easily pick out some inconsistencies.

This is not to say that our Gods are not dynamic beings with awe-inspiring tales that canIris_Carrying_the_Water_of_the_River_Styx_to_Olympus_for_the_Gods_to_Swear_By,_Guy_Head,_c._1793_-_Nelson-Atkins_Museum_of_Art_-_DSC08946.JPG elicit every emotion from tears to cringes. Pagan folklore, our worldly collection of culture and history is splattered with divine ups and downs. It can be overwhelming to see the Gods as less than perfect but it also makes them more real to us. I want you to consider the following thought and perhaps meditate on it. Who made the first mistakes? Who originally lost everything only to recover in some form and transform? What are the lessons we can take from these misadventures?

 It’s very likely that much of humanity’s struggle directly emulates the struggle of the Gods. To embrace these deities fully, we must accept all sides of their personalities, from their greatest victories to their downfalls. It not only teaches us to accept ourselves for our failings but also gives us a path to proactively change our lives for the better. Let’s take a closer look at some of those stories and see what we can learn from them, shall we?

When we first peer into introductory Greek mythology, we are met with a humbling scene of the Titaness Rhea giving birth to the six elder Olympian Gods (Hestia, Hades, Demeter, Poseidon and Hera) only to have the first five consumed by Her jealous mate, Cronus. The clever Rhea, not wanting to lose Her sixth child to the monstrous lord, disguised a rock in a swaddling cloth and fed it to Him as She hid the baby Zeus. This is the first divine mistake of Greek mythology! From this tale, we see the arrogance and cruelty issued by Cronus as He devours His children to keep His claim on the heavenly throne and ensure the loyalty of the earth, sky and the elements. We also see how a Mother’s determination to save Her child can yield some pretty clever tactics!

Now when we interact with our Gods, it’s important to view them as they are and we can do this by reading about Their struggles and victories. It’s not about seeing Them as all-powerful and perfect beings that sit statically upon a mountain top staring down upon humanity with the burning gaze of judgement. No, to enjoy a more intimate connection with your Gods, see Them as teachers. See Them as the ones who came first and battled not only external forces but the much scarier enemy that lies within us all.  As Pagans, nothing is static about our beliefs, relationships or our views. Just as we try emulate the Gods in our daily lives, we also take in nature and it’s ever changing whims with each breath. Pagans are evolutionists who are moving towards not only changing themselves for the better, but tempering themselves as steel within the fire to become stronger warriors of spirit and body.

Poseidon_enthroned_De_Ridder_418_CdM_Paris_n2.jpgIt’s important to read about our Gods but it’s more important to have Them speak to you through these tales. Many of you know about my deep connection with the Goddess Kali and how I can sometimes emulate the best and worst of Her attributes. The way I honor Her best is by seeing these extremes within myself and taking a moment to walk in balance. Reaching out to a broader pantheon as I do gives me the unique opportunity to learn different lessons through the divine challenges set before my Gods. There is so much to take in when reading that can be readily applied to our own lives that we can sometimes miss the lessons being repeatedly shoved in our faces. Ignoring those lessons can have dire consequences so it’s important not to shy away when presented with hard facts.

Listen to the Gods. If you’ve failed in some aspect of your life and want to attone for it – then acknowledge the issue and work towards repairing that damage. If it’s something that can’t be fixed, then move forward to make what changes are necessary to not repeat the same errors and accrue more negative energy. Your mistakes, like the Gods, can become divine mistakes to read about and be taught to friends, family and tribe. Remember, the Gods are not as far away as some of us feel. They are walking right beside us and showing us great and terrible things! Stand with courage and see the truth in your own life and let the lessons taught to us by the ancients send ripples to the present and future. Blessed Be!



A Prayer to Thunor

Thunor, with His hammer of mighty oak and steel,
this is but a prayer to You about all that I feel,
Stronger than the thunder You conjure from the winds,
I stand here with challenges that have left me chagrined,
In the moment I can not see a path to the clear,
so to you I toast this wine, ale and beer,
grant me strength so that I can fight,
strike me with Your essence so that I may see the light,
to look inside and battle the monsters within,
like a lion facing hyenas upwind,
we’ll prowl together in spirit on the mind’s ceaseless journeys,
and stand face to face when my body fails and I am on my knees,
Thunor of the storm here my call!
Let us together find glory in it all…


Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)

Deeply Rooted Sun Cauldron Passion Rite

Welcome to Deeply Rooted’s 2017 Litha!

Litha in History:

(Wade Leads)

About this Ritual:

In this ritual we are drawing down the fiery energies of the masculine Sun into the waiting womb of the feminine Cauldron propagate passion. A customary action to honor the MidSummer balefires of our ancestors. A walk with the Gods that are aligned to fire or the sun to better understand the mysteries of desire. Let us create the world we envision by fanning the flames of our creativity. A chance to recognize, understand and respect the empowerment one experiences when they have recognized the mastery of their will. This ritual was inspired by a ritual by Kidril Durbin and builds on her original idea.

Conversation Topic (Pre-Ritual)

Conversation over the power of human will. How that power is slowly being taken from us and how to recognize that loss of control. Understanding the bigger impact it has on the whole of Paganism. Understanding how to manifest will by understanding underlying cause and effect to the larger picture.




*Call Quarters (Wade / Group)*

CLERGY: We stand here before You, O’ Gods as individuals on different legs of the same journey. By the power of our wills, we have traced the Threads of the Fates to stand before You. Today, we honor the Sun and all who stand tempered by the fires of Truth. We call upon those who have brought us inspiration in battle, beauty creativity and logic so that we may act to become the greatest form of our own self expression.

(KIM)Goddess Sekhmet, I have called You from the sands of time to honor You and embrace your lessons. As You stood honorably in the field of battle, allow us to feel the thirst felt by You and transform that longing into real, tangible gains. In Sekhmet’s name! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(KEVIN)Lord Apollo, I have called to You from the pages of history and the memory of man to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As the Lord who rides His mighty chariot across our wind-kissed skies, please bare witness to our actions! We invite Your fertility and beauty into our lives! In Apollo’s name! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(STEPH) Goddess Bastet, I have called You from the starry skies to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As Mistress of stealth and cunning, slink through the hourglass and reveal Your presence in our lives. We invite Your peaceful warmth in our lives and feel Your protective paws at our backs. In the face of adversity, we treasure the reminder of Your vigilance! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(BRANDI) Lord Thoth, I have called You from the vast libraries of the Akashic realm to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As He who dwells among the scrolls of all knowledge, we marvel at Your strength as You bask in Truth. Truth, sheds light on situation but also burns us with the knowledge of the consequences of our own decisions.  We seek Truth even if it hurts us and adjust our actions accordingly! Stand with us as we accept Truth into our lives! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(CLERGY) Now it is time to write your passions upon the provided piece of paper. If this is truly important to you, be mindful of what you place upon the parchment. We are now going to call down the sun:


WADE: (Call the Sun into the Cauldron)

We call upon Sol, the Sun!
Smoldering incandescent orb whose penetrating rays kiss the fertile lands
and scorch the most barren deserts
we invite You to share in our desires
and illuminate our minds to the Truth
be ever at our backs as we travel through the uncertainty of self and the deception of ego
and be the star to guide our mind’s ship towards our chosen destiny
We offer to you these vows and our sacrifice

*offer sacrifice*

*lights the Cauldron to ignite the papers that have been written on*



Do you know your passion? Do you know what ignites it? (ask audience)

Do you know what may threaten to put out that flame?


*turn and close quarters*


Abyssal Shelf

For so very long the Moon believed She was the only light in the sky,
the ebony expanse greeted Her every night and never seemed to change.
Each evening the Moon crept from her silver-curtained perched and stared out into the nothingness expectantly,
Some nights the too-far away stars would keep Her company but they could never be held by Her or share in the embrace.
Stars and clouds were only a thought-form, further away than they were actually seen,
but They spoke to Her and told Her a Truth She couldn’t ignore in a voice She could sometimes not hear.
You’re not the only light in the sky although You are now alone,
for nothingness is something in the eyes of the Creators,
don’t despair lovely platinum Goddess.
You’re a lonely Sentry among the blackness of Time,
Fear has been watching You all of Your numbered days,
and partnered with Fear in a loveless contract,
You created the Earth as Your companion because You did not accept this axiom.
The Stars spoke of the achievements of Man as if they were treasured toys on a shelf,
and Your own madness kept You from seeing the precious state of these tiny creatures,
Oh Goddess!
the Moon’s only dream come into being through the power of the Will.
For dreams and magick are more than faerie dust and the whims of Children,
they are the the manifestation of the Will put into action.
Memories of what can be and will be,
thought up on nights when only the shaking ceases.
Chaos for You has never been the next unknown adventure,
for the Moon in all of Her splendor was designed to shine against the blackened sky,
You panicked when You couldn’t find the ground,
but the Moon doesn’t walk, it floats above the Earth like a bird in it’s mysterious flight dance,
but You were unaware that as You slept during the day,
The Sun was the only light in the sky for so very long,
But He was unaware that You existed,
just another Eclipse in the fabric of reality…