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Oracle cards are wonderful tools when we are trying to seek out new perspectives.

Divination, the art of predicting the future, is one of the most ancient forms of magic. The earliest known diviners were shamans, priests and kings who used their supernatural abilities to gain insight into the future.

Over time, many different methods of divination were developed, from the most basic form of animal sacrifices to elaborate systems of celestial charts and oracle cards. Some of the most famous systems of oracle cards were the I Ching, the Tarot and the Norse runes.

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Oracle Card of the Day 08 04 2022 Artemis & Bastet

Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet Who are my allies in this journey? Artemis and Bastet: Hunting for your Destiny & Protecting Your Space When we are on a journey of changing our habits, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by your circumstances. You are on the path of breaking generational curses and trauma when you…

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Oracle Card of the Day 08 01 2022 Self-Sacrifice

Oracle Card of the Day 08 01 2022 The Phoenix Cards by Susan Sheppard “The Spirit of Self-Sacrifice” This card is a direct depiction of early Christian Artwork found in the catacombs of Rome. A time when the transition period between Roman Paganism and Christianity were equalizing. We see here a fish, a Piscean iconology…

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Divination of the Day 08 01 2022

Divination of the Day 08 01 2022 “Would you like to ask the Universe for a raise?” I feel like someone out there is a hard worker. They may be feeling underappreciated. This divination of the day is for you. I am a Capricorn (daughter of a Taurus / Workaholic and Cancer / Deeply Passionate…

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