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Seeking the wisdom of our ancestors? Welcome to the Norse Rune of the Day!

The Norse runes, or runic alphabets, are a unique script that was used by the ancient Norse people to record their language and other information. The runes are used today as a tool for divining information, but the script’s original use was much more complex than that.

The Norse runes were used for a variety of purposes, including writing poetry, recording history, and even communicating with the gods. Today, the runes are most commonly used as a tool for divining information.

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Norse Rune of the Day 08 04 2022 Sowilo

“Sowilo” The Sun   Shedding Light on a Situation In Norse culture, the Sun is the feminine aspect of creation. It is the warm light which tempts the seedling to rise from the darkness of the soil. If we are looking at this rune for guidance, Sowilo reminds us that enlightenment comes when we take what…

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Divination of the Day 08 01 2022

Divination of the Day 08 01 2022 “Would you like to ask the Universe for a raise?” I feel like someone out there is a hard worker. They may be feeling underappreciated. This divination of the day is for you. I am a Capricorn (daughter of a Taurus / Workaholic and Cancer / Deeply Passionate…

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Norse Rune of the Day 08 01 2022 Ansuz

Norse Rune of the Day 08 01 2022 “Ansuz” The Norse Rune which commands our ability to interact with our higher selves.  It indicates that the individual who pulled the rune is in a process of deep thought and reflection about a situation. Ansuz is also a symbol of the divine realm. It can indicate…

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Norse Rune of the Day 07 29 2022

Norse Rune of the Day 07 29 2022 “Perthro” The Norse rune Perthro represents the “dice cup.” Dice cups are used in games of chance. Gambling and risk taking energies are high right now. The message here is that the runes are recognizing a change taking place where someone may feel as if they are…

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