“Magick happens when you step into who you truly are and embrace that which fulfills your soul.”

― Dacha Avelin, Embracing Your Inner Witch: The Maidens Guide to Old World Witchcraft

Hail! My name is Shining Quill. I’m a mother, blogger, priestess, & a survivor of PTSD.



I was born January 5th, 1984, Suffolk County (Commack) New York.

Chapter 1: Trapped

My earliest memories are of my parents & being trapped between their constant arguments. My alcoholic mother who was suffering from bipolar disorder & my dad who was dealing with his own personal trauma from childhood. You could say our “generational curse” was untreated mental illness. It grew like a cancer in my family, killing off any chance of us bonding or being functional.

It wasn’t all bad, however. I went to Catholic school & quickly understood I wasn’t part of the church. I didn’t connect with God, Jesus, or the Bible in general. My dad, who was my constant life coach, encouraged me to explore other religions. He bought me books about Native Americans, gifted me a set of Norse runes, & frequently exposed me to different cultures at a young age. I was blessed to have him in my life.

My dad passed away when I was 15. It changed my life.

Chapter 2: Loss

My dad’s health was taking a turn for the worse. My parents were facing bankruptcy, foreclosure, & massive marital issues. They decided to sell off everything they owned & move down to Sarasota, Florida.

July of 1999, my dad finally passed away from his illness. This was the height of the abuse coming from my mother & I could no longer stand it any more. At 15 years old, I quit school, ran away from home, & started my first steps on a very rocky path.


Chapter 3: Coming home

Roughly 10 years ago, I found my sanctuary. Deeply Rooted Church, a 180 acre Pagan-owned 501.c3 situated in Athens, WI. I settled down, had children, got married. I finally confronted my mental illness, trauma, & personal challenges. Even though I’ve made some good progress on breaking my generational curses, there’s still a lot of work to do. The purpose of Curious Curio Conjurations, is to move forward together.


Despite a life time of challenges, I’m still standing strong. And I’m ready for the next chapter!

I survived trauma & I can use my experiences to help others!

I’m not a doctor or a licensed medical professional. This website was never intended to replace actual therapy or medication. It’s intended to be used “in addition to” or to gain another perspective. I wholly support folks who are suffering with trauma or mental illness to reach out to trained therapists. Therapy has been an invaluable tool in my own healing. I also advocate for folks using legally prescribed medications. If that works for you, then by all means – use it! Do whatever you need to move forward! Do it without shame!

I’m a member of the Pagan clergy & a person who wishes to share experiences. I can’t provide you with the “one, right, true way.” I’m just as flawed as anyone else. I make mistakes & stumble along. I own & accept the past – I’m nobody’s victim.

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