Modern Paganism

witchcraft-2390305_1920.jpgPaganism is a fairly new spiritual path, at least in it’s current incarnation. Gerald Gardner’s time was just about 70 years ago during the first half of the 20th century when Wicca was in it’s infancy.  Much of what our ancestors knew and held sacred is gone; and ignorance reigns supreme. This ignorance is the byproduct born of greed, lust, power, and other human emotions that are completely normal yet still require a toll for their use. As modern Pagans, we’re reconstructing our Path and making it better in the process. We’re explorers and pioneers who are testing out what works and what doesn’t work and slowly finding our way back to the old ways through new methods.

Paganism isn’t a static spiritual construct. This evolutionary Path mirrors much of the human condition with our victories in neon lights as well as our struggles. Metaphysical Darwinism takes place when we make decisions together as to the direction of our shared futures as Pagans. Old habits fall away and are replaced by new directions that will either strengthen our grip on our own understanding or release us from our connection with Mother Nature. Humanity is walking the balance now between a sustainable world  of the future and an overcrowded and over taxed environment that is begging for our attention before it’s too late. Since Paganism is an Earth-based tradition, it only makes sense that we look at the natural world around us for answers to our biggest questions and use those conclusions to further unite us rather than tear us apart.

Science, in my opinion, is just as much a part of Paganism as casting circles, believing in Gods, and reading tarot cards. The exploration of the universe should in no way impede the process of devotion to There’s a mental method to understanding ourselves in the spiral Path in the same manner that there is a scientific method to understanding the natural world through available tools. We use our senses, our observations, and our research to be combined with our intellect to record the world as it is around us. It’s the mission of this website to help gather ideas and experiences to gain a new understanding of the direction of humanity and also the Path of Paganism.

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