Mexican Loteria Card of the Day

The Mexican Loteria seems to follow its own beat. Its unique bluntness can be a potent ally in self improvement.

The Mexican game of loteria is a popular form of gambling. Players choose numbers at random from a large deck of cards and hope to draw a card that will increase their chances of winning. The game is similar to bingo.

The cards are also used in divination, as they have been found to have certain symbols and images that may indicate a question or concern that the reader would like to know the answer to. This has led to the use of loteria cards in reading for a variety of questions.

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Divination of the Day 08 04 2022

Are you meant to break tradition? Untying the knots of Generational Curses Tradition can be a word with a double meaning. When you think of tradition, do you think of holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving? Do you think about good times or perhaps the word evokes a different meaning?  Some people believe that traditions…

Mexican Loteria Card of the Day 08 04 2022 La Chalupa

Mexican Loteria Card of the Day 08 04 2022 ”What is the truth of my situation?” “La Chalupa” “The Small Boat”  “Don’t underestimate the small moves you make!” Seeing this card in our divination today calls us to focus on the little changes we’re making. Society and other people can make us feel like we…

Mexican Loteria Card of the Day 07 29 2022

Mexican Loteria Card of the Day 07 29 2022 “La Meceta” The Flower Pot If we think of a flower pot, we may think of a heavy, immovable object which is stuck in place. Moving a flower pot may damage the growth of the plants inside. Allow yourself to see this situation before you -…

Divination of the Day 07 29 2022

Divination of the Day 07 29 2022 Ancestors ask, “Are you listening to the voice of your inner child?” Are you seeking a closer connection with the Universe? You might be trying to connect with a God or Goddess, or develop a dialogue with your ancestors? In my experience, the first step in the path…


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