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worried-girl-413690_1920Let’s talk about mental health. For myself, my struggle with mental illness was only a struggle until I learned to accept the state I was currently in, how I got there, and made a calculated plan to escape the binds of my psychic (mental) prison. Writing became my salvation and an outlet to channel the darkest of thoughts and transform them into epithets of grief, loneliness, frustration, anger, sanctity, and eventually victory. My articles are meant not only to be an outlet for myself, they are also designed to be a guidepost for others who are facing the same daily struggle of looking into the mirror.

My life mission was never to be the sum of my mental illness diagnosis. I am not my mental illness nor should I be limited by the effects of it. The aim is not to mask or work around the issues that arise, the goal is to deliberately and devotedly work through each personal challenge that arises from my life experiences. I believe all individuals, whether they be borderline personality, schizophrenic, bipolar, autistic or any other spectrum of mental illness can overcome these imbalances and find peace and understanding within themselves. This transformation ripples outward like the concentric rings of a tree and only lends to strengthening the world around us. The more mentally healthy people that exist within the world, the greater the impact of change will be to make the world a safer, happier place.

Mental illness is not my identity. It’s not who I am or a place I will forever be trapped inside of where I am fully vulnerable to the whims of my emotional state. I am more than mental illness, I am recovery and the life beyond that recovery! Those who are on this Path are the next chapter for humanity, no longer complacent in our life’s lot, we are the masters of our own destinies.

I’ve started a new chapter in my life that is guided by only myself and the goals that I want to accomplish. The articles displayed here are intended to be thought-provoking and cross the barriers of the orthodox to deepen a connection to the self as well as the world around us. I truly appreciate your input, constructive criticism, and comments as well as the time taken to read my offerings. I am by no means a licensed therapist or a doctor, so everything that I use upon myself is purely experimental and not designed to replace a professional who is well versed in mental health issues. My articles and writings are intended to be supplemental and more of a guide post than something to be solely relied upon. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts, reach out to someone and get help. As always, if you have questions or you’d like to contact me, don’t hesitate to use the contact portion of the website.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Mental Health Articles

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