Hermit Crabs in Florida

Hermit Crabs in Florida Hermit crabs, you’re not very social, mingling on the hot summer sand, like the dryness in my throat, Choking, inability to speak, They cling to reality, the way you cling to your shell, Desperate, they see what suits them, Triggered like a cannon, Weeping like a Willow, Hungry for plastic straws,Continue reading “Hermit Crabs in Florida”

New Moon Magick – Justice for the Inner Child

Gone is the cold, the wet, and gray I part the curtains in the way, Looking out into the endless expanse, I feign the fear and begin to dance, My feet dance and turn in fertile soil, Twisting roots in the mortal coil, From my heartwood I begin to grow, Rational thought is the seedContinue reading “New Moon Magick – Justice for the Inner Child”

The Book of Wrong and Write

Somewhere there is a tome for you to see, huddled in the Shadows of who I claim to be, It’s a little black book written in ink, Inside the pages, you won’t find glitter and pink, It’s the Book of Wrong and Write, Some in the darkness are blinded by it’s light, Conversations with theContinue reading “The Book of Wrong and Write”

Us versus Them, the beginning

To my fellow Pagans. Priestess! Priests! Solitaries! Those who channel the Divine ones! Hear me out. Take a moment to immerse yourself in the possibility of something else.   The beautiful thing about loss is that it makes you appreciate the moment of having. At Samhain, I honor the lost and I cherish the living.Continue reading “Us versus Them, the beginning”

Santa Muerta’s Darkmoon Prayer

I come to You from the nothing, Starting with a burning desire, I walk the shadows crawling in my mind, The chaos, The nothingness, I grin my toothy grin, laughter surrendered, Raise up my chalice in reverence of You, I howl into the night, My will to come forth! The moon is growing in aContinue reading “Santa Muerta’s Darkmoon Prayer”

The Creation and Magickal Use of Black Salt

Let’s talk about protection Magick. There comes a time when a Witch needs to use certain tools, both mental and physical, to protect themselves from various situations. This could include illness, gossip, dark thoughts, and the effects of depression. While we should do everything in our power to work through these situations physically, such asContinue reading “The Creation and Magickal Use of Black Salt”

Deeply Rooted Mabon Chant (Draft for Ritual)

Seed to stalk, soil to sun, Summer time is nearly done, Swing in harmony, the Tribe together, to face the coming stormy weather, Elders die, night gives way, Autumn leaves fall and drift away, Ancestors to rest, the young are taught, Wisdom discovered, knowledge sought, ‘Round and ‘Round the Wheel does turn, Showing us theContinue reading “Deeply Rooted Mabon Chant (Draft for Ritual)”

Mabon, a call to come home!

Crunching leaf, rolling log, Gushing stream, and stagnant bog, Come one, come all! Gather ’round and hear the Mabon call. Gods shout and rejoice, to see the Witches raise up their voice, Seasons change and wind, to help us Pagans keep in mind, The Wheel of the Year turns and turns, Like the Bonfire thatContinue reading “Mabon, a call to come home!”

Warrior Women Weekend Ritual 2018

Ladies, please enter the Circle from the entrance and jump over the broom. This besom represents our connection to Magick, for this space that we are in is Sacred and we have the audience of the Gods and Spirits who dwell in this land. Never forget what you are about to take part in andContinue reading “Warrior Women Weekend Ritual 2018”

Sacred Sexuality – Athame and Chalice

“You are like a god, like an immortal one,’ she whispered to me one night in our bed, her naked body pressed to mine, our sweat golden and glistening in the candlelight. ‘Oh, my love,’ I whispered back to her, ‘I am more mortal than all. It seems that a part of me dies everyContinue reading “Sacred Sexuality – Athame and Chalice”

Syncretism in the Pagan Pantheon

The definition of syncretism as it relates to this article has been taken from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: :  the combination of different forms of belief or practice I remember the moment that Paganism crept into my life as a little four year-old girl as clear as it was yesterday. My aunt, who wasn’t even remotelyContinue reading “Syncretism in the Pagan Pantheon”