Apollo’s Healing Spell – A Poem

This was created for a fellow Pagan, Sister, and dear friend. May this offering bring them the healing they seek. If you need one for yourself, please contact me via deeply-rooted.org website, FaceBook, or leave a comment. These services are always free – however – I’ll always accept bottle caps, empty jars, herbs, candles, eggshells,Continue reading “Apollo’s Healing Spell – A Poem”

Full Moon Anansi Yule Ritual

I wanted to thank everyone who gave me encouragement on my last article, New Moon Example Ritual. There was an overwhelming amount of responses that honored me and inspired me to write a few more rituals for those who need help coming up with something unique for their full moon rites. I want to thankContinue reading “Full Moon Anansi Yule Ritual”

Daily Devotions, Little Rituals – Why they matter and how to make time!

During the course of my Clergy work or even during general socialization in the Pagan community, I hear a lot of folks saying they just don’t have the time to interact with Gods or perform Magick for their everyday needs. As a mom of five little kids, I empathize on every level with the moms,Continue reading “Daily Devotions, Little Rituals – Why they matter and how to make time!”

Aphrodite – A Modern Warrior of Love

It’s winter, a bleak stillness stares back at me from the window of my little home in the woods. There’s not much actually happening outside and the harsh ennui of the long, darkened days is whittling at my nerves like a gopher gnawing on a sapling’s roots. Every so often, the Apollo in His brilliantContinue reading “Aphrodite – A Modern Warrior of Love”

Pagan Friendships – A Look Inside

I can barely remember the circumstances of the day as I travel through the web of my mind. When you’ve gone through a lot of trauma and have physical brain damage, it’s hard to piece things together. The testament of our friendship, between my best friend and I, isn’t that I remember how I gotContinue reading “Pagan Friendships – A Look Inside”

The Book of Wrong and Write

Somewhere there is a tome for you to see, huddled in the Shadows of who I claim to be, It’s a little black book written in ink, Inside the pages, you won’t find glitter and pink, It’s the Book of Wrong and Write, Some in the darkness are blinded by it’s light, Conversations with theContinue reading “The Book of Wrong and Write”

Women’s Weekend Morrigan Ancestral Call Ritual Overview

Alright ladies! Let’s talk about this Women’s Weekend ritual and the atmosphere of the energies surrounding this very special gathering. As we approach Samhain, the veil between the worlds is growing ever thinner. This is a time to deeply contemplate the direction of our lives, our existence, mortality, and also our ancestors. During this ritual,Continue reading “Women’s Weekend Morrigan Ancestral Call Ritual Overview”

The Creation and Magickal Use of Black Salt

Let’s talk about protection Magick. There comes a time when a Witch needs to use certain tools, both mental and physical, to protect themselves from various situations. This could include illness, gossip, dark thoughts, and the effects of depression. While we should do everything in our power to work through these situations physically, such asContinue reading “The Creation and Magickal Use of Black Salt”

Deeply Rooted Mabon Chant (Draft for Ritual)

Seed to stalk, soil to sun, Summer time is nearly done, Swing in harmony, the Tribe together, to face the coming stormy weather, Elders die, night gives way, Autumn leaves fall and drift away, Ancestors to rest, the young are taught, Wisdom discovered, knowledge sought, ‘Round and ‘Round the Wheel does turn, Showing us theContinue reading “Deeply Rooted Mabon Chant (Draft for Ritual)”

Part 3 Facing the Storm – The Tempest within Oya

Facing the Storm is the the third part of a three-part  series I am constructing to help inspire others have their own experiences with deities. It serves as partly educational and partly as a template for others to find ways to connect with their chosen Gods. I am exploring the limits of my psyche withContinue reading “Part 3 Facing the Storm – The Tempest within Oya”