New Moon Magick

By Shining Quill It is done, it is done, Let it Be! Let it Be! Anger, sadness, & misery! Communication & Sincerity is a must, I hail to the Universe to restore my trust! I call back the grief & sorrow! to restore sunshine back tomorrow! Tired memories of loss and pain, transformed & replacedContinue reading “New Moon Magick”

Crystal Castle Protection Spell

To perform this spell, you will need: 3 pieces of Carnelian Agate to represent the element of fire. Carnelian agate represents taking charge and self-motivation. It protects those who are leaders in their given profession. 3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli to represent the element of water. Lapis Lazuli invokes wisdom so that the spell-caster canContinue reading “Crystal Castle Protection Spell”

The Spiral Staircase – Protection MAgick Guided Meditation

Today I’d like to focus on the concept of protection Magick in the form of a guided meditation. Recently, I was the recipient of some full moon madness which left me questioning reality. A co-worker of mine decided to gaslight me. The accusations they made are not founded and so I’m confident the issue willContinue reading “The Spiral Staircase – Protection MAgick Guided Meditation”

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