It’s Raining, It’s Pouring


It’s raining, it’s pouring
The kind of weather Thunor finds alluring
He rides His chariot through the sky,
under the Aesir’s watchful eye

It’s raining, it’s pouring
Lord Odin is roaring
In Asgard the Gods are dancing
Thunder and lightening are romancing

It’s raining, it’s pouring
Heimdell’s horn is blowing,
Across BiFrost to Midgard’s mighty mountain top
Dwarves are partying non-stop

It’s raining, It’s pouring
This Pagan is loring!
A story sprung from the mind and heart
Open a book, read and take part!

When Speaking to the Gods


When speaking to the Gods, listen
Hear Their experiences and mind Their words
A distant memory is but a guiding star to the Truth
on the Mind’s Odyssey among the blackened night sky
Speak to the Gods as children,
Speak plain and recognize your Elder
but Speak to the Gods as Parents,
retelling Your sacred experiences
so that the Gods may live through You
Be each other’s Order and move forward,
Be each other’s Chaos and step backwards,
and join in the Spiral Dance
When speaking to the Gods, listen…

The Memory of the Ocean


I wrote this poem as an apology to the God Poseidon. It’s actually two poems in one, representing the dance of earth and sea. The grounding forces of logic and reason at odds with the dance of emotion beating within my breast. When I was a teenager, I made a terrible error in judgment. I have boasted that I once yelled at the God Poseidon during a hurricane and challenged Him to destroy me. I thought myself brave for having faced a God, however, I have changed much as a person since then.

I have lived with codependent relationships for most of my life. It began with my father who taught me that I needed a relationship to survive. This may not have been his initial intent, however, I believe he realized it shortly before his death. When he did pass on, I bounced endlessly from one destructive relationship to another. I craved human contact because I felt I needed that ever-present feeling of another person in my life. In reflection of the last year, I realize that those emotions have always been my undoing.

I have been haunted by dreams of the ocean, felt a kinship with Siesta Key Beaches and have always had a passion for horses(whom were created by the God Poseidon). I have been studying about the Sumerian God Enki who I have recently discovered is closely related to the God Poseidon. I want to set right the offense I have caused for the sole purposes of maintaining a relationship with Poseidon and allowing His lessons to flow through me as waves do upon the sand. I wish to master my emotions so they never become my undoing again and so I can continue on my path as a healer.

This poem is an experiment. As I briefly mentioned above, it’s two poems in one. Each representing the eternal battle of earth and sea raging within me. It’s an expression of being a Capricorn (the goat fish) and all that is the existence of one caught between two worlds. May this be the first step in showing respect to one I have wronged. Poseidon, my apologies to you for any offense. I was self destructive and I hated myself because I could not replicate the feeling of safety I felt when my father was alive. I hated myself for not being able to convince him to save himself, for not being able to resurrect him with CPR when he died and for the feeling of dishonor when I dropped out of school to get a job. I no longer hate myself and have forgiven myself in earnest for these actions. Please accept my apology and teach me more about the ocean of feeling within me. Thank you.


The Earth and the Ocean have been ripped apart,
Atlantis has fallen, a world grieves at the shock
a sequence of happenings mysterious to the heart,
an amnesia of culture for others to mock
given the shrill and the nature of the screams,
we can only surrender to the feeling of loss
the mind only remembers through a myriad of dreams,
the chasm of water little more than mirrored gloss
Surrender to the sea and dive into the ill,
Shaman and Priest trapped in their minds
When Zeus and Poseidon have enacted their will,
and in eternity’s embrace, the cosmos align
Planet by Planet, Jupiter and Neptune dance,
the blue-star will flow and blossom once more!
and send the Spirit Voyager into Rhythmic Trance
if only a whisper to sleeping children’s lore
This is the tale of the Great City-State,
Atlantis our home!
Taken by hubris and cast unto our fate,
if now only a memory buried deep in the loam.

The Windowless Machine


Feature image by the infamous Peggy Koch and used with her permission.

Like the many facets of a diamond, the human soul is split. Resplendent at first glance, revealing its self over the ebb and flow of years and memories, and almost too real to imagine within the confines of our mental prisons. Like the joy and pain of life, our lives are reeling about each other. We are not split within ourselves, we are split from each other. Like a machine with no purpose, the driveling gears work against one another in fragile harmony. Conformity binds us, religion makes us intolerant and hate destroys us. When we reflect the truth of each other through our words and actions, do we become the window of our spirits. Uplifted and purposeful. – Kim Frank

A Prayer to Thunor


Thunor, with His hammer of mighty oak and steel,
this is but a prayer to You about all that I feel,
Stronger than the thunder You conjure from the winds,
I stand here with challenges that have left me chagrined,
In the moment I can not see a path to the clear,
so to you I toast this wine, ale and beer,
grant me strength so that I can fight,
strike me with Your essence so that I may see the light,
to look inside and battle the monsters within,
like a lion facing hyenas upwind,
we’ll prowl together in spirit on the mind’s ceaseless journeys,
and stand face to face when my body fails and I am on my knees,
Thunor of the storm here my call!
Let us together find glory in it all…


Abyssal Shelf


For so very long the Moon believed She was the only light in the sky,
the ebony expanse greeted Her every night and never seemed to change.
Each evening the Moon crept from her silver-curtained perched and stared out into the nothingness expectantly,
Some nights the too-far away stars would keep Her company but they could never be held by Her or share in the embrace.
Stars and clouds were only a thought-form, further away than they were actually seen,
but They spoke to Her and told Her a Truth She couldn’t ignore in a voice She could sometimes not hear.
You’re not the only light in the sky although You are now alone,
for nothingness is something in the eyes of the Creators,
don’t despair lovely platinum Goddess.
You’re a lonely Sentry among the blackness of Time,
Fear has been watching You all of Your numbered days,
and partnered with Fear in a loveless contract,
You created the Earth as Your companion because You did not accept this axiom.
The Stars spoke of the achievements of Man as if they were treasured toys on a shelf,
and Your own madness kept You from seeing the precious state of these tiny creatures,
Oh Goddess!
the Moon’s only dream come into being through the power of the Will.
For dreams and magick are more than faerie dust and the whims of Children,
they are the the manifestation of the Will put into action.
Memories of what can be and will be,
thought up on nights when only the shaking ceases.
Chaos for You has never been the next unknown adventure,
for the Moon in all of Her splendor was designed to shine against the blackened sky,
You panicked when You couldn’t find the ground,
but the Moon doesn’t walk, it floats above the Earth like a bird in it’s mysterious flight dance,
but You were unaware that as You slept during the day,
The Sun was the only light in the sky for so very long,
But He was unaware that You existed,
just another Eclipse in the fabric of reality…

Who Guards the Gods?


A clever Spider spun a tangled web in the expanse of the endless night,
the Cobra used words of Truth to warn them what was right,
Fox as autumn with all of Her charms tricked and lied,
and Shark of the deep mysteries contemplated, mused and bide,
Spirited Horse would not let it go and kicked the wall,
Handsome Raven who was always late, smiled wickedly and flew above it all