My sincere salutations to all of you! Thank you for your patience while I haven’t been here recently. Several life changes, holidays, and the coming of the new year have kept me quite busy over the past month or so. I’m glad to announce I have resigned from my position at the Thrift Store. IContinue reading “2022!”

A thought on being Bipolar

A thought on being bipolar. There are times I feel sad and pathetic. The feelings could be likened to a pair of sunglasses with a very dark tint. The world is technically the same however the perception is darkened by the lenses you are viewing it through. Power over the feelings comes from being awareContinue reading “A thought on being Bipolar”

Reaching higher

The last week as been a marathon of emotional ups and downs. It started Friday morning when I started getting some interesting dreams about a friend. Usually when I have vivid dreams which I remember in great detail, it means the Universe is trying to give me a heads up of things to come. IContinue reading “Reaching higher”

Growing & Signs from the Universe

Have you ever felt like there was a point in your life where the Universe (or the Gods, or whatever you believe in) is rooting for you? Like it’s saying, “Hey, you’ve got something great & glorious inside of you and now is your time to shine! What are you waiting for?” I really feelContinue reading “Growing & Signs from the Universe”


A very close friend of mine had a health scare over the weekend. I feel like garbage because I didn’t sleep. I got a lot of practical errands done today, however, I did not accomplish much on the site today. I am grateful I could be some assistance to them and their family, so thereContinue reading “A REALLY LONG WEEKEND”


I have been doing a lot of shadow work & guided meditation at night and the results have been astounding. I had a lucid dream which left me breathless when I woke up. It was so vivid! It is motivating me to continue my work on the website, and also keep pursuing my own spiritualContinue reading “DREAM & SHADOW WORK”


I am pleased to announce that much work was accomplished yesterday on the site. Right now, I have a release date set for 11.11.2021 for Curious Curio Conjurations. I would also like to have a grand opening celebration around Yuletide. The more I get involved in this website and the vision I have, the moreContinue reading “NO LONGER FIGHTING MYSELF”


Things are really beginning to progress nicely for the website. I keep tackling things slowly and pacing myself so I don’t burn out. I’m also spending time researching mental health exercises to keep myself focused on my goal. Today, I worked on the following: 100 + Inspirational Quotes added to the “Mindfulness” section. “Coming Soon”Continue reading “THE BOUNTY OF THE HARVEST”

Blossom Forth

Things are slowly gaining momentum on the writing front. I’ve committed to working on this blog every available week day, even if I only post a very small entry. I got a lot of work completed yesterday. This afternoon I’ll be working on: Radical Acceptance section of the website. Added more admins to the FaceContinue reading “Blossom Forth”

Waves Crashing

The weekend provided me some much needed motivation to begin another long week of working on the blog. I’m trying to commit myself to writing at the very least, one guide per day. This will help ensure the “Grand Opening” of Curious Curio Conjurations stays on course for November 2021. I have so much toContinue reading “Waves Crashing”

Long Weekend

I spent a good deal of the evenings during the Labor day weekend in meditation. I discovered this wonderful video on YouTube: As a survivor of PTSD, anxiety, & depression, it can be very hard for me to go to sleep. I allowed myself to listen to this meditation nightly for about a week. It’sContinue reading “Long Weekend”

Shift happens

In previous years, I’ve been able to write a few posts a week in my regular blog. These included articles, insights, & the occasional soapbox rant. My challenge came when summer hit and my little girls came home from their regular school day. Needless to say, five children is not conducive to concentration when writing.Continue reading “Shift happens”

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