My sincere salutations to all of you! Thank you for your patience while I haven’t been here recently. Several life changes, holidays, and the coming of the new year have kept me quite busy over the past month or so. I’m glad to announce I have resigned from my position at the Thrift Store. IContinue reading “2022!”

From Aesthetic to Adept: A Psychological Journey through Witchcraft

It’s been over twenty-two years since I dedicated my life to Witchcraft. I remember when  I was a teenager, I enjoyed the idea of being a witch. The dark clothes, the visually appealing spell work, and the mystery of it all intrigued me on every level. I knew Christianity was not my path at aContinue reading “From Aesthetic to Adept: A Psychological Journey through Witchcraft”

Why Self Acceptance is Important to Pagans

There are many times in our lives when we look back and think that we could have done things differently. It is common to think of “what ifs” and “if only I had done that” which can be overwhelming and lead to a multitude of mental health issues. The issues may range from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and even manifest themselves as physical health concerns. It is unpleasant to deal withContinue reading “Why Self Acceptance is Important to Pagans”

A thought on being Bipolar

A thought on being bipolar. There are times I feel sad and pathetic. The feelings could be likened to a pair of sunglasses with a very dark tint. The world is technically the same however the perception is darkened by the lenses you are viewing it through. Power over the feelings comes from being awareContinue reading “A thought on being Bipolar”

Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal

Did you know that Bipolar disorder is experienced by 2.8% of the population of US adults? According to the American Psychiatric Association, those who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience intense mood swings.  During 2017, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. The reality of my diagnoses from a medical professional hit me harder thanContinue reading “Manic Magick: How to Use Your Energy to Transform & Heal”

How to Manifest New Energy in Your Life

The days are growing longer and colder. The color of summer is fading to the doldrums of winter. Let’s take advantage of the liminal time of Samhain to manifest something new and exciting in our lives! Are you stuck? I think many of us sometimes linger in a place of energetic  limbo.  As Pagans, Witches,Continue reading “How to Manifest New Energy in Your Life”

How to Measure Success – As a Pagan!

Samhain is one time when we may explore our own mortality. What a person does in life can have a major influence on those they leave behind. If we are to weigh our actions throughout our lifetimes, how might we measure success? Success, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is as follows: 1: the factContinue reading “How to Measure Success – As a Pagan!”

Mental Health as MAGICK?

In this past, I’ve written about the powerful, transformative power of Magick. My favorite definition of Magick is defined by author Aleister Crowley as, “Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the Will.” I’m aware that Mr. Crowley is not the pillar of mental health by today’s standards,Continue reading “Mental Health as MAGICK?”

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