Make it a Yule You’ll Never Forget

Oh, my gosh, Quill, where have you been? Please excuse my absence. I’m currently in the process of writing a Pagan novel! I dropped in to deliver a message of inspiration to those who may possibly be suffering this season.  Christmas. If you’re a Pagan, this word may conjure up a variety of images inContinue reading “Make it a Yule You’ll Never Forget”

Tintinnabulation – An Interactive Guide for Faerie Magick

Disclaimer: Before reading this article, I would like to state that the information contained herein is based heavily on UPG or unverified personal gnosis. This is a collection of tales and best practices based on the author’s own experience living in and interacting with a Pagan Homeland vastly dominated by an eclectic batch of FaeContinue reading “Tintinnabulation – An Interactive Guide for Faerie Magick”

Do Pagans Need Salvation? – A look into the philosophy of Paganism and the Christian Church

Every morning and most afternoons, I find myself listening to the radio as I drive my kids to their school in Medford. The drive is some distance, so I try to find programs that I can focus on and learn from in the process. Now it might sound strange that a Pagan woman of 20+Continue reading “Do Pagans Need Salvation? – A look into the philosophy of Paganism and the Christian Church”

What the Scythe Reaps- The Harvest of the Human Condition

We can already feel the crisp, sugary chill begin to permeate the air and mark the end of the summer season. Lughnasadh is now past us and the Wheel of the Year reaches Her ultimate balance at the Autumn equinox. Poised in this liminal space like a cunning huntress, the Dark Goddess begins to callContinue reading “What the Scythe Reaps- The Harvest of the Human Condition”

Recognizing Authenticity in the Pagan Community

A small note before we begin. The topic of this article was kindly brought to my attention by one of our own – Karen Heyou on the Deeply Rooted Facebook community. I’d like to thank her for the writing prompt and acknowledge her contributions to our active little Tribe. Thanks, Karen for being muse, activist,Continue reading “Recognizing Authenticity in the Pagan Community”

Free Fall into Action: Manifestation for Beginners

After a long hiatus, I’m happy to say I’m back, Deeply Rooted Tribe! Together we’re going to accomplish great things, so let’s get started, shall we? There’s an old saying from my childhood, maybe some of you remember it. Manifestation is the act of bringing our dreams from the mental world into reality. There’s aContinue reading “Free Fall into Action: Manifestation for Beginners”

Empowered Humanity – The Impact of the Divine Human and Sacred Support Systems

Good day, all. Recently, as some of you might know, I’ve been on clergy sabbatical from my responsibilities at Deeply Rooted Church. Every so often, a member of clergy needs some time for themselves to reevaluate their role in the community, get a fresh perspective from some peers, and also perform some very much neededContinue reading “Empowered Humanity – The Impact of the Divine Human and Sacred Support Systems”

The Eruption – Conflict resolution in the Pagan Community

Like a great volcano erupting suddenly and without warning, conflict in the Pagan community is a very real force with equally damaging effects. Over the next few articles, I’d like to talk about the pros and cons of being a Pagan in the modern world. I think it needs to be outlined for folks realisticallyContinue reading “The Eruption – Conflict resolution in the Pagan Community”

The Salesmen and the Choice – A letter to Humanity from Paganism

Once upon a time, there was a very desperate individual. A regular person with regular routines. Who they are and what their name really doesn’t matter for the purpose of this story. It just so happens that this individual had a regular old car that decided to take a dump one day. Yep, stuck onContinue reading “The Salesmen and the Choice – A letter to Humanity from Paganism”

Guarding the Roots – A Intentional Commmunity’s Plea to Humanity

Humanity is slowly walking, one step at a time, towards a new age. As Pagans, we have the benefit of being a diverse community of individuals with boundless beliefs and ideas. We are the quenching wellspring of the fiery Goddess Brigid, the savory mead in Odin’s horn, and the children of mischievous nature. No matterContinue reading “Guarding the Roots – A Intentional Commmunity’s Plea to Humanity”

Dear Jesus, I forgive you. – A letter to Christianity.

Dear Jesus, I am writing to you today to update you on my progress. It’s been a while and I believe that communication is the first step in opening doorways. Spring is upon us again at Deeply Rooted. Nothing could be more apparent as I walked the land and looked at the shrines, the trees,Continue reading “Dear Jesus, I forgive you. – A letter to Christianity.”

Hermit Crabs in Florida

Hermit Crabs in Florida Hermit crabs, you’re not very social, mingling on the hot summer sand, like the dryness in my throat, Choking, inability to speak, They cling to reality, the way you cling to your shell, Desperate, they see what suits them, Triggered like a cannon, Weeping like a Willow, Hungry for plastic straws,Continue reading “Hermit Crabs in Florida”