A Crow’s Sight

The amber rays of the dying sun blew across the Skylord’s back. Feathers rustling, birch leaves chattering & gossiping Cloaked in shadowed airfoils, spanning in either direction His pinfeather guise every element unleashed with ambivalent form Harmony. Earth. Fire. Water. Air. Speech. Skylord retired from His lonely perch Gullywashed, the Queen, called to He TheContinue reading “A Crow’s Sight”

Apollo’s Healing Spell – A Poem

This was created for a fellow Pagan, Sister, and dear friend. May this offering bring them the healing they seek. If you need one for yourself, please contact me via deeply-rooted.org website, FaceBook, or leave a comment. These services are always free – however – I’ll always accept bottle caps, empty jars, herbs, candles, eggshells,Continue reading “Apollo’s Healing Spell – A Poem”

Death of Spring, Ostara

I don’t need anyone to understand this message. I just need people to read it. Once upon a time, there was a Goddess who could manifest anything she desired. She was growth, compassion, love, and understanding. She could be anything for all people. Along the way, she hurt others. It wasn’t intentional. It was anContinue reading “Death of Spring, Ostara”

Hermit Crabs in Florida

Hermit Crabs in Florida Hermit crabs, you’re not very social, mingling on the hot summer sand, like the dryness in my throat, Choking, inability to speak, They cling to reality, the way you cling to your shell, Desperate, they see what suits them, Triggered like a cannon, Weeping like a Willow, Hungry for plastic straws,Continue reading “Hermit Crabs in Florida”

New Moon Magick – Justice for the Inner Child

Gone is the cold, the wet, and gray I part the curtains in the way, Looking out into the endless expanse, I feign the fear and begin to dance, My feet dance and turn in fertile soil, Twisting roots in the mortal coil, From my heartwood I begin to grow, Rational thought is the seedContinue reading “New Moon Magick – Justice for the Inner Child”

Deeply Rooted Ostara 2.0 Invocaton Draft

Spirits of Deeply Rooted, near and ’round, Hemlock Grove, to Ancestor Mound, Oaken Circle and Goddess Shrine, Awaken now, with Us align, In You, We place Our deepest trust, Above and so below,  Oaths discussed, Actions from thought, We can attest, Our desires come forward to manifest, In perfect love and partnership, Together we takeContinue reading “Deeply Rooted Ostara 2.0 Invocaton Draft”

Quill’s Curiosities @ Deeply-Rooted.Org

Just a small update for my viewers on this blog. I’ve taken to writing about Paganism over on Deeply Rooted’s website. This blog will remain online and will be used for non-Clergy related works. If you have questions about the Occult, would like a custom ritual written, or need to talk to a fellow PaganContinue reading “Quill’s Curiosities @ Deeply-Rooted.Org”