“Witches do not need to fix problems.

Witches fix the energy AROUND problems.

Then the problems fix themselves.”

― Dacha Avelin, Embracing Your Inner Witch: The Maidens Guide to Old World Witchcraft

Hail & Welcome!

In 2017, after some life changing events, I started Curious Curio Conjurations. Originally, I had intended this to be a personal blog – a place to vent my feelings, share experiences, & cultivate new friendships. As the years pressed on & I found a new purpose in writing. With the encouragement of my family, I decided to create a platform & community for others to grow.

It’s my vision to have a safe place for Pagans to ask questions, grow, & connect with each other. I want to create that haven online & eventually start my own physical community.

What’s in a name?



A safe place for those who walk the unbeaten path. Curiosity drives us to learn, step out of our comfort zone, & transform. A curiosity is something rare & exceptional, like you!



A curio is a rare or usual object which holds great intrigue. The world of full of exciting ideas, natural phenomenon, & cultural diversity. For people with depression, the focus can be rather limited sometimes when battling mental illness. The aim of the curios offered here is to spark the imagination and promote personal development.


plural noun

Words have power. Your thoughts, social interactions, & what you write have a huge impact on state of being. Curious Curio Conjurations provides Pagan-themed affirmations, journal prompts, & delves into true strength of our words. Ready to summon your best?

Mission Statement

Your Magick, Unleashed

Magick is the force of will which unites the universe & a powerful tool which aids us to bend reality to our needs. It’s in the athlete who pushes themselves to run the extra mile, inside of the trauma survivor who seeks healing & setting personal boundaries, and in the witch who works to restore balance to chaotic situations. Magick is life force.

The mission of Curious Curio Conjurations is to provide encouragement, support, & education to those seeking to transform their lives in a productive manner. We aim to create awareness of mental illness & the importance of spiritual self-care. We promote this mission by supplying the Pagan community with informative articles, volunteer service, & resources.


A safe place for all. Period.

Curious Curio Conjurations

We do not exclude people based on their skin color, ethnic background, sexuality, gender (or lack of), (dis) ability, religion, body type / size, or any other protected status. This extends to all avenues of social media & communication. Any hate speech will not be tolerated in any form. Any services we provide are available to all!

Be Yourself!

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