a curious mission

a discovery of self through the magick of words

This website stands as a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come. Reading further back, I was surprised at how much I’ve changed over the last few years. While my ideas & motivations for writing have evolved, I’m still grateful for having chronicled the steps to get to this point in my life. Thank you for reading along & sharing in the experience. – Blessings, Shining Quill

curious curio conjurations

The mission of Curious Curio Conjurations is to provide a safe place to discuss Pagan Spirituality, Mental Health, & other topics. Comments & constructive criticism are highly encouraged. The main menu might be a tad confusing. Each section is filled with posts spanning three different blogs over the last six years of my online writing journey.

what you’ll find here

recipes, herbal lore, fitness experiences, weight loss journey

spells, rituals, spiritual insights, pagan clergy information, & devotionals

events at deeply rooted church, workshops, divination, opinions on paganism

poems, stories, mental health commentary, self-care routines

how to navigate


My fitness journey, information about herbs, & advice. None of this information should be used without the express permission of a medical professional. Dammit, Jim, I’m a magickal practitioner – NOT A DOCTOR!


Here you’ll find information & views on mental health. I also included poems, stories, & other little literary tidbits from over the years to show my progression in my own mental health journey. I want to clarify, I’m a member of the Pagan clergy – not a licensed therapist. The information provided here is only an opinion and should not supersede the necessity for a licensed therapist.


In this section, you’ll find rituals, information about events or workshops going on at Deeply Rooted Church, or musings on spirituality. I write about my relationship with my Gods, ancestors, & different spirits I work with during Magick.

the book of shadows

The Book of Shadows offers spiritual insights from throughout the years, spells, recipes, rituals, poems, & anything else that didn’t really fit anywhere else. You are free to use these pieces as long as you give credit to the original author (me!)

“Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change. If you wish to practice magic, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be forgotten.”

― Scott Cunningham, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
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