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Greetings! I’m Shining Quill, a mother of five, and a priestess at Deeply Rooted Church! Here’s a look inside my mind!

The posts on this page are views, opinions, & other expressions from day to day life as a pagan priestess, mother of little girls, & a warrior of C-PTSD.

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Spiral Will

I release the pain, the fear, the shame, to the Moon and myself, I pledge to reclaim, my smile, my laugh, my purpose in life, to forge ahead through suffering and strife, Unknowable and redefined, I am reborn as Magickal kind,Spirit, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, I sparkle now in my infinite rebirth! Silver moon…


That Bipolar Witch

Bipolar disorder is a brain chemistry imbalance which affects the lives of roughly 2.6% American adults according to the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance. People with BPD sometimes struggle maintaining healthy connections & long-term careers due to the nature of this malady. BPD can be emotionally & physically exhausting, causing abrupt changes in normal day-to-day…


Forgiveness of Self

You’re oblivious to me, I exist here; another prisoner in the maze You can hear me calling Your name Silence I’m trapped; surrounded by sandy walls In desert created by consciousness You see me trying to find You More dusty camouflage, To cipher Why the mirrors, why the smoke? I’m right here!   Will you…



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About Me

Hello! I’m Shining Quill. I’m a 37 year old mother of five adorable little girls. I have the great privilege of serving as a member of the clergy of Deeply Rooted Church. I love to write, share experiences, and connect with fellow Pagans. My blog is about spirituality, health, & navigating life Bipolar disorder. This blog is a journey through the years spent at my community & the lessons hard won through experience.

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