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“Kota’s Tree” A beautiful old pine tree at Deeply Rooted Church. It used to be the favorite frolicking location of my baby Ferret Kota. May she rest in peace.

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Shining Quill’s Blog

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share my life in the Pagan Community. Here you will find the entirety of my articles & other offerings that I wanted to share with folks. I look forward to hearing from you! Thank for you reading and sharing in my experiences!

Spiral Will

I release the pain, the fear, the shame, to the Moon and myself, I pledge to reclaim, my smile, my laugh, my purpose in life, to forge ahead through suffering and strife, Unknowable and redefined, I am reborn as Magickal kind,Spirit, Water, Fire, Air, and Earth, I sparkle now in my infinite rebirth! Silver moonContinue reading “Spiral Will”

That Bipolar Witch

Bipolar disorder is a brain chemistry imbalance which affects the lives of roughly 2.6% American adults according to the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance. People with BPD sometimes struggle maintaining healthy connections & long-term careers due to the nature of this malady. BPD can be emotionally & physically exhausting, causing abrupt changes in normal day-to-dayContinue reading “That Bipolar Witch”

Forgiveness of Self

You’re oblivious to me, I exist here; another prisoner in the maze You can hear me calling Your name Silence I’m trapped; surrounded by sandy walls In desert created by consciousness You see me trying to find You More dusty camouflage, To cipher Why the mirrors, why the smoke? I’m right here!   Will youContinue reading “Forgiveness of Self”

Inferno Father

He rises through me, passing through my teeth like gravel Bile from my center, the fear rising to meet You I’m suddenly caught off guard by Your advances Spitting out the boney shards, unfocused I am taken over by the Desire Drunk on rusty, honey mead, lapping from Your chalice I refused You once, butContinue reading “Inferno Father”

A Crow’s Sight

The amber rays of the dying sun blew across the Skylord’s back. Feathers rustling, birch leaves chattering & gossiping Cloaked in shadowed airfoils, spanning in either direction His pinfeather guise every element unleashed with ambivalent form Harmony. Earth. Fire. Water. Air. Speech. Skylord retired from His lonely perch Gullywashed, the Queen, called to He TheContinue reading “A Crow’s Sight”

Reset the MACHINE

It got overloaded, I thought the MOTHER imploded, Little golden maze and mine, Emerald green hubs of information, World, Wide, WONDERFUL. Words have power, not in this hour, or time, or space For I am the broken ace. Hermes, MESSENGER, take a note, It’s time to make these PAGANS float. Wood, fire, twine, and wind!Continue reading “Reset the MACHINE”

Stereo of Lights

Why did the girl die? Because she couldn’t lie! It’s a joke, a stereo of love, lights, and mosquito bites, It doesn’t have to RHYME, you understand, Site? You could be mad, glad, or on another JIVE! You’ve lost your collective,  a stereoscopic mind hive. They told you resistance is futile… But life is BRUTAL.Continue reading “Stereo of Lights”

Tintinnabulation – An Interactive Guide for Faerie Magick

Disclaimer: Before reading this article, I would like to state that the information contained herein is based heavily on UPG or unverified personal gnosis. This is a collection of tales and best practices based on the author’s own experience living in and interacting with a Pagan Homeland vastly dominated by an eclectic batch of FaeContinue reading “Tintinnabulation – An Interactive Guide for Faerie Magick”

Do Pagans Need Salvation? – A look into the philosophy of Paganism and the Christian Church

Every morning and most afternoons, I find myself listening to the radio as I drive my kids to their school in Medford. The drive is some distance, so I try to find programs that I can focus on and learn from in the process. Now it might sound strange that a Pagan woman of 20+Continue reading “Do Pagans Need Salvation? – A look into the philosophy of Paganism and the Christian Church”


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