Awakening The Intuition

As a result of an increase in the amount of light that exists on the physical plane, we are currently living in a period in which our capacity to hear the voice of Spirit speaking inside our hearts and minds has increased. As a consequence of this, finding one’s way back to a spiritual path is easier than it has ever been, even for those who have strayed quite far from it in the past. The only thing you need is a desire to listen to the voice of your inner knowing again, despite the fact that you may have ignored it in the past. Give it some time and attention.

Trust Yourself And Your Intuition

How would you describe your relationship with this facet of who you are? Are you able to solve problems on your own, even if you just have partial information? In order to generate the greatest amount of persuasion, are you able to strike a balance between the left and right aspects of your personality, as well as instinct and logic?

Divination Through Cartomancy

A deck of playing cards is used in the practice of cartomancy, which is a form of divination. Although the practice has been popular for a significant amount of time, it has recently witnessed a boom in popularity as a result of a new generation of independently produced and mass-marketed Tarot decks that have entered the market.

Choosing Your Seer and The Ethics of Divination

People that engage in mystical work are often self taught, in contrast to professionals, who are governed by their respective regulating organizations and adhere to certain norms of conduct. Because of this, individuals could get the impression that they are in something of a limbo when it comes to correctly interacting with the general population. When seen from the perspective of the customer, this makes it more challenging to determine who to consult for a reading.

The Houses Of The Zodiac

The first house represents one’s personality, the second their assets, and so on. Houses are analogous to daily activities. When one or more planets are situated in a certain House, the aspect of life that is symbolized by that House is influenced in a way that is characteristic of the planet(s). When analyzing a house, it is necessary to take into account the sign that governs the house’s cusp, also known as the point at which the house begins.