The Natal Chart 

The Natal Chart 

The Natal Chart is a map of your life. It’s like if you were able to take a photo at the time of your birth of the planets and of the universe stopped in time. Once developed this ‘photo’ is what the universe has to say about who you are and what you may become. The seeds of the future are always shown in the present, but can we read them? This is what the study of astrology is about, reading the signs of the times and listening to what they have to say about us, now and in the future.

A Natal Chart is made from your month, day, year, time of birth (am/pm), city and state of birth. With this information your Natal Chart can determine your personality, the person you are and who you will become! The Sun, Moon and Rising form your personality, it’s like a pyramid, Sun on top and Moon and Rising at each bottom end. There is a treasure chest of information in a Natal Chart!  

The planets will not be in the same place at the time of your birth again for another 25,000 years, there are no two personalities the same in the world. You are unique!

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