Divination of the Day 08 04 2022

Are you meant to break tradition?

Untying the knots of Generational Curses

Tradition can be a word with a double meaning. When you think of tradition, do you think of holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving? Do you think about good times or perhaps the word evokes a different meaning?

 Some people believe that traditions are behaviors that must be upheld no matter what the situation. Spiritual traditions, for example, can have rich, historical ties to our ancestors. They can be radiant expressions of our collective appreciation for the cycles of time and nature. 

Traditions from various cultures have been passed down through the generations. They may act as physical anchors to the words of elders long gone. For me, even if I don’t agree with a particular tradition, I respect that the knowledge of its practice should be seen as valid for those practicing it. 

I feel like someone out there really needs to hear this.

The ancestors are asking if you understand that some traditions are okay to let go. If you are trying to grow as a person, there can be a need for evolution. Some habits or practices may work better for you. Consider that it’s not uncommon to feel like you must do something because it’s always been done. Don’t be afraid to question the meaning of the family tradition or habit that you grew up with. 

Habits or traditions which take away from your mental, spiritual, and physical well being are not worth celebrating no matter how many generations have said, “it’s always been this way.”

If you are working with your ancestors to forge a better path, invoke the ancestors who have your best interests in mind. Those that want to evolve with you. What worked in their life may not work in this one, so don’t feel bad if you’re seeking a change. Ask them to show you what habits are not serving you. Write it down. And then, slowly work on changing those habits into happier traditions.

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