Bibliomancy of the Day 08 04 2022

Mythology: Visual Reference Guide by Philip Wilkinson and Neil Philip “Mother of the Forest” page 220

“What can my environment teach me?”

“Escaping the trap of following a tradition.”

This Bibliomancy of the Day comes to us from ancient Venezuela from the Warao tribe. Haburi, the hero of our story, is born into some tragic conditions when his mother and aunt flee an evil spirit. Haburi’s father, known only as “The Rooster” is killed by this evil spirit.

Things go from bad to worse as Harry’s mother gives birth to him in the home of an evil frog woman. Frog woman transforms the baby into a full grown adult so she can abuse him and his family. After a valiant fight, Haburi escapes with his family to the shore of the river. Fearing they are being followed, Haburi digs out a canoe from a fallen tree and heads towards freedom on the river. Because of these brave deeds, the family is transformed into Dauarani, Mother of the Forest.

Our environment may be filled with abusive people or toxic events that are beyond our control. If it is, we may consider ourselves to have an unlucky family tree. Your fate is not fixed. You can control nothing else except your own destiny. If you choose to embrace new habits, you will have new results. Be kind to yourself. You are the hero in this story.

You are in charge of your own transformation. In this way, you connect to what is most powerful in your life. Divinity isn’t just Gods and Goddesses, it also includes your ability to heal on your path!

What is Bibliomancy?

Bibliomancy is a form of divination that involves opening to a random spot in a book and discerning meaning from a passage. Bibliomancy is probably one of the most abstract forms of divination because the reader may choose any topic of book to divine.

For this reason, it can take some time to learn how to accurately predict the future while employing this form of divination. Fiction and nonfiction books alike, even old catalogs, can be used in Bibliomancy.

Experimenting with different forms of literature can aid you in growing your ability to find meaning on deeper levels. 

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