Divination of the Day 08 01 2022

Divination of the Day 08 01 2022

“Would you like to ask the Universe for a raise?”

I feel like someone out there is a hard worker. They may be feeling underappreciated. This divination of the day is for you.

I am a Capricorn (daughter of a Taurus / Workaholic and Cancer / Deeply Passionate combination) and I tend to revel in my work as if I am in spiritual bliss.  I love the thought of being needed and purposeful. I am often engaged in multiple projects and constantly running with my five little girls. I’m a human being, and not a machine, so sometimes there’s a humbling little catch to all this work-related bliss.

Sometimes I can get in a pretty bad rut. I work myself so ragged, I begin to sleep less. Because I’m pouring so much energy into others, I’m not taking a break for my needs. I was raised to be an achiever, so that coupled with my Bipolar disorder can be a powder keg situation. 

I challenged myself to reinvigorate Curious Curio Conjurations – a blog I’ve had since 2016. For a few years, it was the playground of my imagination. It lacked structure, however, since I had been devoting most of my energy towards other people. After realizing that nothing I was currently doing was working, I came to the epiphany that I was pouring my energy into everyone except myself.

If you relate with this feeling, may I please give you some advice? 

Find something (not another person) that lights your passion on fire. Then, stoke it. If you choose to invest in yourself, you won’t be sorry. 

It doesn’t matter how silly you think it might be. If you keep ignoring yourself long enough, you might end up feeling depressed or full of anxiety. I found out, through the humbling process of Shadow Work – that I couldn’t keep going.

My life is far from stress free, however since I started my business I feel a sense of true purpose and inspiration. A relationship with my inner child / higher self has been the biggest part of my growth journey. 

I felt like it was worth giving myself a chance. What do you think?

Do you think it’s time to ask the Universe for that long-deserved raise?

Thanks for reading, 


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