It’s Good to be The King…of Cups!

It’s Good to be the King (of Cups)

A deeper look into this aspect of the cups suite. 

The suite of cups revolves around symbolism of the element of water and of our relationship with the emotional side of our minds. I enjoy the suite of cups because it allows us to overcome hurdles regarding how we view ourselves as an emotional being. The King of Cups is a superb representation of a person who has a deep mastery over their feelings. Let’s explore that together.

When seeking out advice over friendships, romance, and other social dynamics – the King of Cups beseeches us to grow. Consider a bad fight between friends. Some may have the impulse to pull away, allowing the friendship to fall apart without productive communication. If we are being emotionally mature, we are going to acknowledge the hurt. If we sit with this pain, we can figure out what triggered these feelings in the first place and possibly develop a plan to keep it from happening again. We can also choose to work with these intense feelings via therapy or a support group.

 The King of Cups employs what is called emotional maturity. This means allowing ourselves to have emotions while not being overcome by them. We can sometimes use our emotions to our advantage if we channel them into creative or athletic outlets. If we are looking to end cycles, this card is auspicious in providing us with insight into why we keep ending up in limbo. The King of Cups is a wise, gentle leader who reminds us that acting under the influence of emotions can be dangerous for our wellbeing. Emotional maturation is an essential part of self-care because it prevents us from feeling guilt or shame over uncontrollable scenarios.

Since the King of Cups fills the role of leadership in the suite of Cups, he asks you to seek out trusted sources of advice. Look for caretakers at the top of their field and ask them how they balance their emotions with their career. You’ll learn some interesting techniques from these folks, especially those in the medical or teaching careers. Also, employ the use of your elders in your community. Folks who are the word of reason in mediations or other conflicts. 

In conclusion, allowing yourself time to aspect as the King of Cups can be a rewarding experience for those looking to deepen their connection with their intuition or who are actively engaged in personal growth experiences. Long live the King, baby!

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