Aloe Vera in Magick

Curio Lesson of the Day 07 11 2022


It is reported by botanists that there are over 500 species of aloe that exist in the wild. Most people are familiar with this succulent because it makes an easy-to-care-for houseplant. The aloe is used in Magick when blockages must be freed. If you break open a leaf of a well taken care of aloe plant, you will find a jelly-like substance within it. This gel is used in sunburn treatment and products related to digestive care.

You can use this gel in your Candle magick if you are trying to improve communication between family members or coworkers. Take a little of the gel and rub it along the outer edges of a blue candle before lighting it. This will help ‘effective wording’ and thoughts to be delivered smoothly in conversations. Envision the outcome of the conversation ending with peaceful resolutions, smiles, and handshakes to help bolster this communication work.

Aloe will assist in communication however the spirit of the plant is incapable of making the move without you. In order for good communication to occur, practicing patience and actively listening is important. If you’re having issues with communication and need some mediation – consider a professionally trained individual such as a counselor or a therapist.

What is a Curio?

A curio is an object that is usually derived from nature. It can be something like a feather, stone, herb, or bone. Some curios are man made such as coins, doorknobs, and keys.


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