Amber-Sandalwood Incense

Incense of the Day 07 10 2022


Ancient sap of trees that has been fossilized is referred to as amber. Amber has a waxy texture which indicates that it has spiritual properties of removing obstacles or allowing energy to pass freely to the most effective places. Sandalwood (Santalum album) is a species of tree which grows in Southern India and Southeast asia. It is harvested and traditionally used as a standalone incense to purify the air around a temple or a home. It is believed to have intense spiritual properties which can elevate the energy of a home.

I use this incense when I am trying to create synergy in a shared space. This means allowing all members of the family to have equal say, equal rights, and equal share in the achievements of the home unit. This incense is good at warding off feelings of isolation or loneliness. This incense can attract helpful spirits who may assist you in spiritual endeavors.

What is a Curio?

A curio is an object that is usually derived from nature. It can be something like a feather, stone, herb, or bone. Some curios are man made such as coins, doorknobs, and keys.


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