Tarot Card of the Day 07 06 2022

Tarot Card of the Day 07 06 2022

Tarot of Reflections by Francesco Ciampi

The Lovers

On your current path, the need for honesty and a safe place to rest your head is becoming very important right now. Establishing trust with the world around you can be one of the hardest things you can do. This means having a social circle who are as crucial to you as you are to them. This circle of friends and family usually treats you with a great amount of respect.

You might feel alone, however, you are being called to go to these folks and rely on them to be helpful to you.

If you find yourself in a place without this support, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate your circle. In order to grow, we need fertile soil in which to stretch our roots. We can not thrive in polluted earth. Remember, the seed you are planting can be put elsewhere if you are not being valued where you are right now.

This card also asks us to stop looking over our shoulder for the next battle or enemy. A time to be in love with ourselves and in love with our lives. Sometimes we have to count our blessings and hold them in the palms of our hands like shiny pennies. This means even if life is mostly sour, there can be some joy we can find as we go through our day. Holding on to this joy even when things look down can be a challenge.

What are Tarot Cards?

It’s believed that tarot cards date back to the 1400s‌ ‌in‌ ‌parts‌ ‌of‌ ‌Europe.‌ ‌The wealthy classes in France and Italy used Tarot cards initially as a parlor game.‌ ‌About three hundred years later, our ancestors began assigning meanings to specific cards and designing layouts to better understand their fortunes.‌ ‌There are 78 cards in a traditional deck of tarot cards.‌ ‌Although the cards are very different from their original counterparts, the tarot is still important for connecting with the higher self and receiving insights from the divine.

This is just a brief history of Tarot cards. Are you interested in learning more? Contact me! I have reading lists and resources for you to gain a better understanding of this ancient practice.


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