Affirmation Card of the Day 07 06 2022

Affirmation Card of the Day 07 06 2022

I Can Do It Cards by Louise L. Hay


Today’s divinations seem to follow the theme of planning, resources, and support. These are three very integral parts of what we need to accomplish goals. Money falls into the resource category of this trinity. If we are looking to grow our business, start a family, buy a home, or any other major life path – money is one of those things we need to invite into our lives. Aside from asking for a raise, budgeting, or prioritizing our bills – there is something else we can do to tackle any challenges we have with money.

If we are a spiritual person, we may struggle with our relationship with money. Money is necessary to buy goods, services, and other things crucial to our survival. By having a healthy relationship with money, we can avoid acting from a place of greed while still serving ourselves in a way that is fair and balanced.

It may be time to get a clear picture of your association with money. If you find yourself craving more for destructive habits – try working on those addictions first. You may be the type of person who sells yourself short, so possibly look at what skills and impact you have on the world to determine your place at the table. If you are starting a business, now is a good time to invite money into your life. You can cleanse your doorways with Cinquefoil oil or spread some around the ground leading up to your business. Envision a steady flow of income, enough to pay bills and have a little extra coming into your life.

What are Affirmation Cards?

Affirmation cards are similar to oracle cards in that they tend to give us a more generalized view of our lives. These decks tend to be fairly small, about 30-36 cards in total, however this is not a hard rule. Affirmation cards provide us with insights into how we’re accepting or denying repeated themes in our lives. Affirmation cards are a good supplement to use in conjunction with oracle cards and tarot cards to give us a greater view of our life path. This is just a brief understanding of affirmation cards and the effect they have on our minds. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, please contact me! I have wonderful resources for you.


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