Tarot of the Day 07 05 2022

Tarot of the Day 07 05 2022

Mibramig Magickal Tarot by Mibramig

Six of Wands

You may feel off balance today, however, the Six of Wands reminds you that you are doing exactly what you have to be doing. Being on the right track isn’t always easy. There will be times we doubt ourselves and our actions. This unjustified feeling is because we are in new territory, and that can be scary! Rely on your instincts, your skills, and the lessons that your guides have been showing you. Much insight is being revealed to you via your dreams. Pay close attention to them.

Here’s a little thought. This card will often come up when success is just around the corner. Keep plugging away at your exercise, your journal, or whatever it is that is causing you to grow. You are in a cycle of reward! Get ready!

What are Tarot Cards?

It’s believed that tarot cards date back to the 1400s‌ ‌in‌ ‌parts‌ ‌of‌ ‌Europe.‌ ‌The wealthy classes in France and Italy used Tarot cards initially as a parlor game.‌ ‌About three hundred years later, our ancestors began assigning meanings to specific cards and designing layouts to better understand their fortunes.‌ ‌There are 78 cards in a traditional deck of tarot cards.‌ ‌Although the cards are very different from their original counterparts, the tarot is still important for connecting with the higher self and receiving insights from the divine.

This is just a brief history of Tarot cards. Are you interested in learning more? Contact me! I have reading lists and resources for you to gain a better understanding of this ancient practice.


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