Affirmation Card of the Day 07 05 2022

Affirmation Card of the Day 07 05 2022

Super Attractor Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein

What kind of energy are we attracted to ourselves right now?

“Spiritual Guidance”

We are in a place where our spirituality is changing in dynamic ways. Our confidence in ourself and the lessons passed on to us by our guides is deepening. A time for maturation, adulting, and rising to the occasion. We are no longer holding back our gifts.

Our dreams are alive and vivid with ideas we haven’t yet considered. It might feel intimidating to be in this place of newness and give us a false sense of insecurity. Remember, that fear you’re experiencing is just proof that you’re no longer running in the same destructive circles as before.

This is an auspicious time to be journaling and really paying attention to what the universe is telling you.

What are Affirmation Cards?

Affirmation cards are similar to oracle cards in that they tend to give us a more generalized view of our lives. These decks tend to be fairly small, about 30-36 cards in total, however this is not a hard rule. Affirmation cards provide us with insights into how we’re accepting or denying repeated themes in our lives. Affirmation cards are a good supplement to use in conjunction with oracle cards and tarot cards to give us a greater view of our life path. This is just a brief understanding of affirmation cards and the effect they have on our minds. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, please contact me! I have wonderful resources for you.


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