Shiva’s Eye Shell in Meditation

Shiva’s Eye Shell

Named after the Hindu God of Destruction, Fertility, and Cattle, this auspicious shell is useful for a variety of spells and magickal workings. Also known as the Pacific Cat’s Eye, the type of snail which comes from this shell is known as a trapdoor shell in common language. You will find these shells in the seabeds of Thailand, Australia, and other tropical areas of the pacific coast.

This delicate looking curio is useful for ancestral work and veneration. Because of the spiral design on the shell, the Shiva’s eye shell helps us connect with our roots. You can use this shell on your ancestor altar to strengthen your connection with them. You may use this shell in meditation coupled with some drumming or chanting to help establish a deeper relationship with the people who make up your past.

Some of the properties of this shell include:

Whispering secrets and wisdom into the shell will gently pass that information to future generations.

Generational trauma / curse breaking work. Getting to the root of why you have the beliefs and habits that no longer serve you.

Improving concentration while meditation is happening. This can be huge if you’re trying to cultivate more mindfulness into your daily life!

This is just a brief overview of the use of Cat’s eye shell in your magickal practice. You are encouraged and welcome to ask further questions! Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! – Shining Quill

What is a Curio?

A curio is an object that is usually derived from nature. It can be something like a feather, stone, herb, or bone. Some curios are man made such as coins, doorknobs, and keys.


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