Prosperity Ritual Candle Reading

Prosperity Spell Candles

On the “working altar” I have a prosperity spell in process. This spell was aimed at providing wealth from all directions, in all forms. As a business owner, you can’t allow yourself to pass up opportunities. A good way generate this kind of Magick, is to burn a green and brown candle together.

I lucked out on the brown candle looking like a tree. I picked it up brand new at the local thrift store (it was still in the wrapper and under a dollar!) The brown, tree patterned candle represents “Growth” and the green candle represents wealth. If you can see from the picture, the green candle is pouring into the brown candle. This is a sign that the energy is being attracted.

In the physical world, I keep my eyes open for spare change on the ground. I put each of those coins into my little jar at work. I start conversations with new people to gain better understanding of my community. I keep my ears open for those who are seeking guidance and I quickly respond to their messages.

There are many ways we can cultivate a successful environment around us. The point of this spell was to open up new roadways to business. You could do this spell for other avenues of your life, such as romance or health.

Remember, spells are not a substitute for for physical labor. There is no “easy, overnight, quick fix” in the world. If someone is promising you results with no sacrifice, that’s a red flag. Magick is meant to compliment our physical actions and help amplify the end result. If you want to learn more about Magick, I train people how to do their own spells and rituals!

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me! Have a blessed day. – Shining Quill


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