Thought of the Day 06 29 2022


In honor of the new moon, I went to bed earlier than usual last night. That might not sleep like much of a party, however, when you’ve got five kids – that’s a celebration. The new moon energy had me feeling a bit more off than normal. Usually, the new moon is a time when my energy seems to feel more in tune with the world around me. Electrical malfunctions, strange social interactions, hormones feeling whacky, and it felt like my bipolar cycling was currently doing its thing.

I‌ ‌dreamed that I was walking down a long,‌ ‌winding‌ ‌road.‌ ‌It seemed that there was no end to it. The sun rose high overhead, the heat beating down on me.‌ ‌I encountered three people on my way. These people tried to impede my journey by reminding me of previous failures. I felt frustrated and angry in the dream, however, I kept trying to move forward. Each time a person came up to tell me why I should quit, I did something I haven’t done in quite some time.

I persisted.

I called out the name of each of these three people. Because these were know figments of my imagination – these were people I knew in my youth. Each of them represented a time period in my life where I gave up and let the world run over me. Eventually, I got back up because I was sickened by what was happening and left these folks to preserve my own wellbeing.

I shouted their names!

I called out their abuse!

And I told them, to their face, that I forgave myself for hanging on

as long as I did.

I allowed myself to persist. Face my fears straight on and know the motivations of my subconscious. This journey hasn’t been easy however the new moon allowed me to get some perspective I hadn’t considered.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! – Quill

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