Ylang Ylang

Incense Lesson 06 28 2022

Ylang Ylang

The rich scent of Ylang Ylang incense is said to have a calming effect on the nervous system. It can supplement a mental health regimine by helping to relieve stress. In the spiritual world, the smoke from Ylang Ylang incense can help fortify your energy field by instilling peaceful vibrations. I use Ylang Ylang essential oil in spirit work to help calm spirits or land that have been traumatized.

If you’re looking for an incense to burn or an oil to work with in Shadow work, consider Ylang Ylang. It will help you while you address your hidden side while providing you clarity and focus. If you choose this scent for your shadow work, the more you use this heady aroma, the more you will associate the scent with triumph in your mundane life.

This is just a basic overview of Ylang Ylang. If you are interested in learning more about how to use this in shadow work, or you’re curious about what Shadow work is, please feel free to reach out! Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! – Shining Quill

What is a Curio?

A curio is an object that is usually derived from nature. It can be something like a feather, stone, herb, or bone. Some curios are man made such as coins, doorknobs, and keys.


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