Ostrich Eggs in Magick

Ostrich Eggs in Magick

Throughout history, eggs have been associated with fertility and renewal. ‌In Germanic‌ ‌countries,‌ ‌one of the unique signatures of the celebration of Ostara (modern Easter) is the egg, which symbolizes the new growth of spring.‌ ‌Burying an egg in your garden is said to promote both a greater yield of crops and a greater spiritual connection to the earth. These eggs used in Magick are usually chicken or goose eggs.

What is special about Ostrich eggs?

I started incorporating this unique curio in my work when I discovered a perfectly preserved ostrich egg at a local thrift store. I started thinking about how I could use this sturdy-shelled tool in a different way than tradition suggested. On the bottom of this egg is a hole, about the diameter of a pencil eraser where the original owner drained out the contents of the egg. I came up with the idea of using this egg during house cleansings. Using the hole on the bottom to suck up and store any negative or non-productive energies I encountered.

Utilizing the egg as a house blessing and for cleansing the ‌ritual‌ ‌space‌ ‌worked‌ ‌wonders! After I am done with the house blessing, I wash the egg thoroughly to release any trapped energies stored within. The water used in the cleaning is then poured into a fast-flowing river or stream to carry the negative thoughtforms far away.

The egg was named Santiago because, as an animist, I believe that inanimate objects have spirit or personality.‌ ‌Santiago has served me well over the past three years and I am grateful.

What are some other ways this tool could be used? Do you have any experience with unusual eggs in your Magickal practice?

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