Make Your Own Luck

Making Your Own Luck

You can find many people willing to promise you the stars, however how many are able to deliver what they promise?

You may have believed that someone would always be there for you, but were you sold a bridge?

The ancestors are calling to you and asking you to be in charge of making your own good fortune in this world.

Have you considered the only one who can truly meet your needs is you? I have observed that support from family and friends is designed to supplement our lives.‌ ‌We cannot depend on our social support to drive our achievements solely.‌ People‌ ‌will disappoint us from time to time. Realistically, their actions are out of our control. If we are seeking to end the cycle of regret over our decisions and faith in others, then we have to try something different to get a new result.

What can you do to make your own luck in this world? Could you learn a new skill or hobby to support your mental health?

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